Family Travel Spain

June 17, 2010

Koi fish in fountain in family travel Spain, simple pleasures

With family travel, sometimes it is the little things that one remembers. Extended family travel is often just about doing ordinary things in extraordinary places. Like playing in the sand the Sahara, finger painting.... in France with fairies or swimming ...with Roman ruins in Turkey.

We loved how this photograph turned out looking like art. One of my greatest joys on our world tour was picking up our child every day from school when we wintered in Spain. Just an ordinary family activity in an extraordinary place. The sun was almost always shining and we would make our way home, often stopping to talk to the horses, watch sheep or oxen go by, climbing trees and picking avocados or citrus, and spending time at this fountain with the  Koi fish. Simple pleasures and happy memories. I so appreciate the gift of time that our global tour gives us.

"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things." Brault

What little thing gave you pleasure today? Here in Barcelona this afternoon, listening to the Mozart and her friends from many countries play and giggle as I sat  in my lounge chair just feeling the breeze, listening to the birds chirp, looking at the distant deep blue Med sea next to the clear blue sky between swaying green pine trees made me happy. The simplicity of it all reminded me of this photograph.

This is a  Photo Friday post so check it out!

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Beautifully written jeanne.
My little pleasure today like so many ordinary days, has been to walk past "my"cathedral, following the life here, imagone what life must have been hundreds of years back.

Our summer vacation starts tomorrow, and with it.......travels :-)


Britt- Thanks so much! Sounds like a truly lovely pleasure! Oh...and off to travels..that sounds exciting for sure. Enjoy home and away! ;)

Christina Pilkington

Watching my son's popcicle melt down his chin, laughing with my twins as they did flips on the couch, and holding them close on my lap as we read a new library book.


Christina- Ah, those are lovely sweet simple pleasures! Brings back lovely memories for me too. Kids grow so fast it is important to cherish each one! As my "baby" approaches 10, I really get a sense of how fast time flies with little ones.


I had to look a second time to figure out what the picture was...I was thinking peppers at first!
Let's see...I enjoyed going to the local art theater to see a newly restored version of the great silent film "Metropolis" and came home to find Tim already cooking dinner :)


Sometimes those little or simple memories are much more memorable, besides every time you are spending with you family is worth to treasure, I still can remember the time when me and my family went to Cebu. Have you been into any south east asian country?


Janice- Thanks! I couldn't agree with you more!!

No we have not been to SE Asia, yet, but we will be going this fall & will spend several winters based in Malaysia so that our daughter can immerse deeply in her Mandarin at an all Chinese school there. Thus we plan to do lots of exploring in that area for the next several years. ( Although we will be coming back to Europe for summers & plan to see Africa, South America and the Middle East in the fall and winters on the way between the two). This will also be our first year to visit India.

Cebu sounds interesting! Perhaps we will visit there too.


Oh I see Malaysia is a clever pick, you'll never regret going in Cebu there are so many beaches to visits

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