Free Travel Food Helps a Cheap Budget

June 08, 2010

saving money Europe free food budget travel picking lemons

Saving money while doing international family travel is often a high priority for most and there are many fun  ways that we have learned to do this. Many wonder how we travel the world so cheaply on just 23 dollars a day per person and we have shared many of our travel secrets before, including how to eat healthy and cheap in Europe.

One happy memory that will stay with us forever is how many free avocados, oranges, lemons & tangerines  that we have eaten during our four winters in our little village in southern Spain. Besides being delicious and saving us a bundle, Mozart loves the tree climbing adventure of it all.  One of the great things about living and wintering in a tiny Spanish village surrounded by countryside and farms, is the joy of finding the left overs after harvest. 

Cheap budget Europe free food lemons

Some of these pictures were taken last year and some this year, but climbing trees and returning home with a load of free supplies has been a richly rewarding part of our time in Spain. Surprisingly, avocados are not that cheap here, despite trees every where, but luckily they leave a lot on the trees, so we feast all winter on them. We're organic gentleman farmers at heart, so this connection to the land also fulfills our souls.


cheap food Europe Spain gardens

Free food Europe cheap travel avocados Spain 

The avocados are so plentiful and they are as fun to eat as they are to gather & we use them many ways.




I always like to tease Mozart and tell her that she is part monkey as she has always loved to climb whether it's to the top of trees, mountains or even the kitchen or motorhome cabinets! We often take these little forays into the countryside after school and sometimes on weekends.




Mozart loves to gather wild flower bouquets and herbs as well as we wonder and walk the land.


Nutritious food, fun adventure, walking the land, exercise and saving money...what could be better?

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Jessica Skelton

Great photos! Free avocados is my dream. I'm pretty sure I could buy a new laptop from the money I spend on those bad boys in a single year. My favorite way to use them currently is in a spring mix salad with goat cheese, walnuts, red onions, and some homemade vinaigrette. A delicious and creamy salad.


Jessica- Ha! Free avocados did seem like a dream to us too. ;) Glad you enjoyed the photos and fantasy! ;) Yum, your salad sounds wonderful! ;)


Everything tastes so much better and appreciated so much more when the resource is shared in this way. Love this back to the basics in gathering and collecting and your symbiotic relationship with the countryside (and farmers).

I am enthralled by your ongoing slow experiential journey, and all that you stand for. You are rich indeed!

Thanks also for visiting us @


Nancie (Ladyexpat)

I'm envious of your free avocados. Very expensive here in Korea, and they always rot before they ripen. I've learned the hard way that it's best to wait until I'm traveling somewhere in SEA.

Nadine Touzet

I didn't know they were growing avocado pears in Spain, the ones we get here locally are imported from Israel or more distant locations. Glad you can enjoy them for free, I love them too!
Great pictures as always...


Judy- Thanks for your kind and wise words! We all gather such rich experiences on our journeys don't we?


Nancy- Wow, thanks for your input! Seems strange that you can't find good avocados in Korea, but can in SE Asia. Glad to know we should be able to find some when we winter in Malaysia too. ;) It is hard to go without them for any length of time. ;)


Nadine- Thanks! How are you sweet lady? Fun to learn this tidbit from France. I love how this post comments helped educate us all a bit more about the state of avocados around the world. Glad to know we are not the only fans. ;)


Nadine- Funny they should get them from so far away as I think I have seen avocado trees in the south of France. Perhaps though not enough.

There are certainly a lot more olive trees than avocado trees in Spain, but our area has a lot of both.

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