World Cup Football Soccer in Europe

June 30, 2010

world cup in Europe flags in Europe campground

There is World Cup fever going on around the world and we, as travelers,  get a unique perspective with a European view. Since we are camping in Europe, we share the experience with many Europeans as they enjoy their summer holidays. We love this Barcelona Beach Resort for many reasons, but one reason is the people we meet here as camping Europe is like living in a global neighborhood. Meeting Europeans and getting to know them better is part of the fun.

Last night my husband, DaVinci, was invited to our Spanish friends "next door" in the caravan next to us to watch the World Cup game between Spain and Portugal. Actually we were all invited, but I have no interest in sports, so Mozart also went, although she was mostly playing with their daughter and another local child who lives near by. The adults gathered outside  ( our friends plus their local friends and DaVinci) and  enjoyed the game mixed with the local cava! I could tell by the shouts, fireworks and horns blowing around Barcelona that Spain won without ever seeing the game.

world cup in Europe flags in Europe campground

There are people from many different countries here and it is easy to tell where someone is from by their license plates. We have Belgium folks on one side, Spanish on the other side now, many Irish friends, Netherlands folks down below us, Swiss up the road, Brits around the corner, Germans two sites down, a Swede and so forth. Mozart talks in both her Spanish and English and is often a bridge between kids by connecting  and translating between the groups. We've known some people here for many years as this is our 9th or 10th time here on our world tour since 2006 and some do extended travel here like us. Also locals from Spain return here regularly, so Mozart plays with many of the same kids year after year. It is a typical family-friendly European summer resort holiday atmosphere. Campgrounds in Europe are social, fun, luxurious, and relaxing places.

two tween travelers with a dog in campground in Barcelona making friends in Europe

This year we've become good friends with a Spanish couple with a child who lives nearby who happened to park right across from us when we first arrived this season. While staying here they also continued to go to work some and their child went to school, but that left us plenty of time after 2 pm and weekends. Mozart has fallen in love with their dog and their little girl and we all really enjoy them all. They went back home for a week or two, but now they are back for a while and now they are parked next door instead of across the road from us. We even taught them about webcam calls and stayed in touch that way when they were at home which was a lot of fun for the girls. This resort is a fantastic place for kids in a safe environment.

world cup in Europe flags in Europe campground in Barcelona

Many of the people have flags to show their support to their countries and many campers have TV's or laptops to catch the games. There is also a nice restaurant and bar area here where many like to gather when the games are playing ( while others enjoy outside dining or dancing at the disco or hanging out at one of the pools etc.). I know nothing about football, soccer or any sport for that matter, but it's hard not to catch the Wold Cup fever when one hears the random hooting and hollering from time to time. I usually know who is playing or when someone scores by who is doing the hooting and clapping.

We originally planned to be in South Africa this year, but one reason we changed our plans is that we did not want to be there in 2010 because of the World Cup and the crowds. For us, experiencing it here with many Europeans in a social way has been a lot more fun and a peek into another culture.

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Adventurous Kate

Watching the World Cup in Europe is amazing! I'm sure that even without watching the game, you had the experience from everyone around you!

In 2006, I was lucky enough to watch the USA vs. Italy game in Florence on the banks of the Arno:


Kate- It IS a thrill, isn't it? We love Florence, so I can just imagine your experience.

One of our favorite things about slow travel is the time one gets to spend with local folks connecting and other Europeans and learning about their loves and passions.

Europe is so enriching because of it's history, culture and so many different languages in a fairly small space. Fun to see how the World Cup connects them.

melissa leon

My husband and I have been traveling around europeas well during these summer months camping in different places and we too have thoroughly enjoyed watching the matches with locals in a social setting. We have been lucky enough to be in the right places at the right time uk during the first match between England and USA , France during the match between France and South Africa (I think) and Berlin for the match between Germany and England.

Absolutely love seeing the togetherness and celebration of people in different countries.


Melissa - Cool! So much fun isn't it? Yesterday's big match with Holland meant lots of celebrating & shouts here in Barcelona with our Dutch friends.

We have a motorhome with Dutch plates & my sister in law is from Holland, so we feel an affinity. ;)

This weekend there is a really big game with Spain, so that will be exciting with our Spanish friends here in Barcelona. Hubs is really getting into it!

He used to watch sports a lot at home & was even at a game long ago when the big earthquake his San Francisco, but hasn't followed sports at all on the road. Now this worldcup has reactivated that passion due to our friends. ;)

Sounds like you are having a lot of fun too! Enjoy!


Soccer is the only true universal sport. In Thailand you can't get down the street during football games. Not sure how they are handling themselves right now as Brazil lost, and now Germany.

I really do not care for sports, but I agree that its interesting to watch different reactions. I live in a very international city, so I know what you mean.


Marlana - You are right and it is fascinating!

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