5 Favorite Travel Writers

July 02, 2010

5 favorite travel writers like our 8 year old in London

Happy 4th of July weekend and Independence Day to all my American readers! We are having such a wonderful time in Barcelona at the beach, that we are having a hard time leaving, but we will soon head into France, starting with some explorations in our beloved Provence.

It is #FollowFriday on Twitter and you may have noticed that last week I suggested traveling lifestyle design folks and travel writers and travel bloggers the week before. I'm finding it challenging to do such a big list, so this week I'm going to just name 5 cool travel writers who are wonderful to follow on Twitter ( in no particular order) :

1) @Benjilanyado - I met this talented writer from the UKGuardian and New York Times  in February 2009 when I wrote about him in my Twitter & Travel 2.0 post because of his Twitrip. He was also kind enough to ask us to participate in this travel guru's guide  in the Guardian ( via Twitter of course!). He  has his own site too, Benji's Blog and he is very hip, creative and knowledgeable no matter where you find him. 

2) @ben_coop - Another hip young travel writer from the United Kingdom, I first met Ben on Stumbleupon I think. A kind, generous, witty Andalusian lover, who could ask for more? He is also the editor at Travel Intelligence.

3) carmenlroberts - I first mentioned Carmen when we she aired one of our Soultravelers3 Youtube videos on the BBC via her Fast Track Travel Program. Her tweets are as sassy and intelligent as her show.

4) worldmattworld - I was sorry to see Matt Gross leave from the Frugal Traveler, yet proud that Soultravelers3 was interviewed in the NYT's by him. I loved his point of view and that he also included frugal family travel tips. You can still find him in the New York Times, Saveur , Afar and Dadwagon, not to mention cool books and videos coming.

5) Vickybaker - Is another savvy  Brit travel writer, but she is based in Buenos Aires these days, although in Miami now on her way to Montreal for the summer  since it's winter in Argentina.  Don't miss her tweets and her blog called Going Local Travel.

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Jessica Skelton

Nice list. Not too familiar with these writers, but going to check them out more now. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you Jeanne for this great list. Doing so much travel writing myself, I love to follow others as well :-)


Jessica - Thanks, glad you liked it and happy to hear that I introduced you to some new folks. ;)


Britt - Cool, glad you liked it! Keep writing grrl! ;)

Sue L Canfield

Thank you for sharing these with us. I've followed most of them and look forward to your posts.


Hi Jeanne,

Hope you had a nice 4th July!

I've finally caught up on your blog reading. So sorry to hear about the loss of your Dad, Grandad and father-in-law. Hope you are finding the confort that you need...

Also sorry for your arm not recovering as well as it should :-( Hope it will, eventually, get back to normal.

Wishing you a nice, slow, healing and conforting trip this summer, with time to achieve what you've planned to achieve, and the wisdom of letting go of things that can be let go off.

All the best to you and yours!


Gabrielle - Ah, you have been doing lots of reading! Thank you for your kind words. We are healing and enjoying ourselves.

Migration Mark

Very cool list! There are a few blogger/tweeters that I haven't seen before, so I'm excited to check out their blogs!


Great list! I'm not following any of these writers yet, but it sounds like I definitely should be! Thanks.


Thank you everyone for this post


Thanks Mark, Amanda and Sokobanja! Glad it was useful!

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