Family Travel Budapest, Hungary

July 05, 2010

Family travel in Budapest at Hungarian Parliment Buidling

Family travel is about exploring exotic places together! For us, Budapest seemed like an exotic place, but we found it to be a world class city and very charming. The drive from Vienna and Bucharest was pleasant and on excellent roads. We so loved the friends that we met in Denver and his parents were from Hungary so that experience, discussion about their travels in Hungary and sharing a traditional Hungarian meal with them added to our excitement.

This is a photo of the Hungarian Parliament Building,  one of the most famous buildings in Budapest. Despite still dealing with some major medical disadvantages due to my bad injury in Austria, I had insisted on wanting to at least see Budapest on our way back to Spain last fall. Sadly, fall is not a great time to see Budapest as it was exceptionally cold and rainy. That, added to my medical challenges made it a short stay, but now at least we know we want to go back and explore it deeply some day soon when the weather is good.

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Thanks for sharing the picture. Hungary has never been high on my list of places to visit, but I haven't seen many pictures of the country before, either. The Parlimentary Building looks impressive, and it seems like it would be exciting to tour the inside if possible. Were you able to do at least some walking around the city, or was it pretty much a straight drive-through?

Britt Arnhild

Seven years ago, when ingrid, our oldest daughter, was 13 (almost 14) she sang in the girls' cathedral choir here in Trondheim/Nidaros. The choir went to Budapest at Easter for a competition and as Ingrid was the youngest girl in the choir I was allowed to go with them as a mother. While the girls practices I had hours and hours to explore Buda and Pest. How I loved it.

By the way, the choir did GREAT in the competition.


Christina- I think Budapest can be an exciting city for kids/families and we were looking forward to it. Alas we hit a real rain/cold phase, tried two campsites to wait out weather, but just gave up because of my arm. It was just too hard for me to take subways and buses in that kind of weather, so we did not see much. It wasn't walking around kind of weather, but what we did see we really liked. So we will be back!


Britt - That does sound like a lot of fun for you and your daughter!


I recently discovered your blog and started enjoying it so much that I went back in your archives and started at the begining.

I have tried other life-on-
the-road, life-overseas type blogs but none I enjoy as much as I do yours.


Betty - Wow, what a great complement, thanks so much! I'm so glad that you found us and are enjoying it.


Are you guys going back to Hungary again this year? I've never properly lived there but have visited countless times as my grandma and cousins still do (my sister's visiting them right now actually!), and have been all over. Budapest is amazing but there are lots of memorable little towns as well!


Yvette - No, not this year because we will be circumventing the globe this year & wintering in Asia. Thus we are not doing as much this summer as we must be back to Malaga area by early Oct to catch a flight, but we will definitely be back to Hungary for much more explorations.

Lucky you! We do want to visit lots of charming spots there besides Budapest. Luckily we will becoming back to Europe in the summers for many years so will get there!


Heh, for a Parliamentary building, it sure smacks of royal trappings.

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