Family Travel Germany

July 13, 2010

family travel Germany on Romantic road in Rothernberg ob der Tauber by Christmas markets

Sometimes family travel is just enjoying the little unique architectural details as one wanders around a new town. Europe has many darling, picturesque small towns and Rothernberg ob der Tauber on the Romantic Road in Germany is definitely one of them. Everywhere you look, there is an enchanted picture to take. A photography delight for every photo bug!

If you haven't been to this charming town and area, you should add it to your list and try to time your visit in the early fall after most of the summer holiday tourists have gone home and before it gets cold. We stayed at a lovely campground very close by called Campingplatz Tauberromantik.  I have much more than I will be writing about this area in time. This is also a place famous for it's Christmas Markets all year round.

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Jessica Skelton

Such a cute photo! Can't wait to read more about the area. I'm intrigued.So, on average, how much time do you and your family spend in one town/destination?

Safe travels!


Love that town! We went there quite a few times when we lived in Germany last time. I love taking visitors there. We even did a 12k "volksmarch" (an organized walk) there in February. They hold it every year, so if you're ever there in February . . .


Jess - Thanks, we love the aspect and were very charmed by this town. Sadly, I have more stories to tell and pictures to show that time to show them. But eventually I will get them all down. ;)

As far as time, it really varies. We stayed in this one for a few weeks which is probably about average. Some we return to more than once and some we see for a month.

Sometimes we just see a place for a day or two ( but that is rare). Sometimes we will do nearby towns as a day trip from a base like we did with Portofino while we were in Cinque terre.

Mostly we play it by ear, when it feels right, we move on.


Kerry - Isn't it fabulous? It was a surprise to us as we didn't expect it to be so adorable, so it caught us by surprise.

It's definitely one of those places that one could do again and again!

When we were there they were doing some kind of reinactment in costumes and it was surreal and wonderful.

It was so funny that someone on Twitter from Germany saw it and knew the boy in one of my photos. Small world, small town. ;)


I remember that about Germany and Switzerland, every where one looks is worthy of a picture. I hope that you, J, are recovering well from hour accident.

Brooke Drury

Ah yes, the architecture in little European worth the effort to put in the extra effort it takes to find them. It is also so interesting to go slow and see how people set up their gardens, security around the perimeters, etc. One must be willing to walk to see a lot of it. I remember marveling in it all in Boissy La Riviere (near Etampes) where my cousin lives in France. Very cool to see houses built over a stream, winding roads, locals sharing the sunshine. Yet another plug for slow travel.


What an adorable little town. I haven't spent any time in Germany, but I'm reminded of wandering around (or as some call it, getting completely lost!) in the French countryside, and coming across picturesque little houses or bridges. Too often thinking "I must come back here" and never being able to find the place again!

I do enjoy following your adventures! I mentioned your family in a blog post at


Betty - Thanks so much! My arm is not quite 100%, but it is so much better than last fall, that I am eternally grateful. Actually, my tummy due to the IV antibiotics during surgery, is my biggest problem now. I can hardly eat anything that doesn't disturb me, so I'm pretty much living on goat or sheep yogurt.

Good news is that it tastes great and I'm losing weight. Luckily both the French & Spanish seem to have a lot of it.

Slowly ( with medication) this also seems to be getting better. Sadly, both tummy & arm are taking much longer to heal than I would like, but I'm headed in the right direction. ;)


Brooke - Oh yes, slow travel and walking the land is such a wonderful way to really get to know a place. It's the only way to travel as far as we are concerned. ;)


Antonia - Nothing like wondering around, eh? ;) Thanks so much for including us in your post!

Archie DeJesus

Just curious - does this mean you all are in Germany at the moment for a few days of your summer? That must have been a long drive to be in Rothenburg ObT from Barcelona two days prior. Do you make it a point to go to places where you've never been, or are there some places you can't resist coming back to for a visit?

Germany Romantic Road

Rothernberg ob der Tauber is like a perfect little fairy tale town! I love old castle towns like this, it always feels like time has stood still in these places.

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