Family Travel Portugal

July 20, 2010

family travel portugal sunflowers on European road trip

Family travel on a road trip around Europe can mean seeing lots of flowers as you roam and we love seeing huge fields of sunflowers like these in Portugal. We've seen them in Spain, Germany, Turkey, Italy and other places. We have been to Portugal twice on our world tour and enjoy our time there. The Algarve area is warm in winter and not far from Spain and the drive is pleasant. 

Do you love sunflowers too? Where have you seen them in your travels?

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I've seen big fields of sunflowers last summer in Slovakia and Hungary during our EuroTrip :)


Hi there!
I love your blog!
Some of the biggest sunflower fields are in Bulgaria, a top producer of sunflower oil!

Vacation Ideas

Hi! Great blog guys! Bulgaria has got beautiful and unending sunflower fields...

Thanks for sharing your post!


Andrius - Cool! We saw them there last year too. Hard not to love flowers, eh?

Roxana S.

What an incredible adventure! I just found your blog thanks to the message you left over at mine earlier on today. Thanks for visiting! Although I just discovered yours, I'll definitely be checking back and spending some time exploring it.
My husband and I always talk about doing something like this - although maybe not as expansive. But we know we'd at least like to go live somewhere else so our children can experience other cultures.
I was born in Peru, but grew up in Mexico, Argentina, South Africa and Florida. I thank my parents every single day for giving me such an awesome childhood!
Traveling definitely makes you a more tolerant person!


Roxanna - Thanks for your kind words! I'm glad I discovered you & it sounds like we have a lot in common!

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