Watching Spain Win the World Cup in Barcelona!

July 12, 2010

watching Spain win world cup in Barcelona cute girl & flag, Espana

Where was the very best place to be last night to watch Spain's historic win of the World Cup? Barcelona! One of our fantastic things about family travel is sometimes being at the right place at the right time. We purposely changed our plans to skip South Africa now because the World Cup was there ( to avoid the craziness), but found ourselves catching the football ( soccer) fever from our European friends during our camping stay at our beloved Barcelona beach resort.

Spain wins world cup number 15 Sergio Ramos 

We stayed longer  just to see this final game here and have never seen so many people in the main square of this resort packed in to watch the final world cup game on a huge big screen set up outside. The fireworks, anticipation, gross vuvuzela sounds, cheers for both Holland and Spain started early in the day and was already deafening even from our motorhome at a distance,  as the game began. Watching it with Europeans from many countries in this beautiful Catalonia location is something we'll always remember! DaVinci really got into, but Mozart and I joined many of the mom's and kids watching the movie "UP' on a big screen outside that started near the end of the game nearby, yet we all celebrated the spectacular Spanish win and crazy celebratory atmosphere. It was impossible not to.

world cup celebrating crowd in Barcelona on holiday from all over Europe 

world cup celebrating crowd in Barcelona with Dutch in orange, Spaniards in red  

world cup celebrating crowd in Barcelona painted faces in red & yellow Spain colors 

world cup celebrating crowd in Barcelona at the beach 

Here are a few photos to share the excitement and fun with you! We are off to France this morning, so quickly getting this up before we hit the road again on our Grand Tour road trip of Europe! We have Dutch plates on our motorhome and my sister-in-law is from Holland, so we would be happy no matter who won, but we were rooting for Spain as it has become a home to us. Enjoy! 

world cup celebrating crowd in Barcelona sorry to see sad Dutch folks girl with Holland on forehead

world cup celebrating crowd in Barcelona with Spain flags 

world cup celebrating crowd in Barcelona party atmosphere & fireworks 

"Today is filled with happiness and we owe it to these magnificent players, the ones on the bench and the ones on the field...we deserved the victory although they also had a chance to score." Vincente del Bosque

world cup celebrating crowd in Barcelona Spain flag 

world cup celebrating crowd in Barcelona, Spain & crazy Dutch orange hats 

world cup celebrating crowd in Barcelona 

world cup celebrating crowd in Barcelona Spain tension thick 

world cup celebrating crowd in Barcelona nite shot 

world cup celebrating crowd in Barcelona what a thrill for Spaniards, men, women & kids 

world cup celebrating crowd in Barcelona flags & passion in Spain 

world cup celebrating in Barcelona via big screen outdoors from South Africa

"It was sensational, an historic moment for Spanish football. We're not aware of what we've done. We will after some time. It's what we've wanted since we were little. It's a special moment, much more moving than the European championship... It wasn't easy but with luck we managed to win." - Goalkeeper Iker Casillas

"It's incredible. What a joy especially when you see how we won it. There aren't the words to describe what I am feeling. After my goal, I thought about my family and all the people who I love. But the victory is the fruit of a lot of work." - Goal-scorer Andres Iniesta

"We are world champions, it's marvellous, We are absolutely thrilled." - Spanish Queen Sofia

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What fun that must have been to be in Barcelona for the game and see all of the excitement when they won! A wonderful adventure!


Nancy - Yes, we are so glad that it worked out so well and that we decided to add the time. We're in a divine spot now where the Pyrenees meets the sea, but just had a conversation with a Dutch family that watched it at a campsite in France. ( They always come up to us and start talking to us in Dutch because of our plates).

We also got a lot of honks from Spaniards on the way to France due to our plates. Funny!


How fantastic! We are planning a world trip for next year and I just stumbled on your blog. How much fun!

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