Around The World With Kids

August 24, 2010

RTW Around the world travel with kids watching movie in Nice,France campsite

Extended family travel can be thrilling when you run into other families doing  round-the-world  (RTW)  trips or long term travel with kids as we did with RTW friends in Greece and again near Monaco in Nice, France. We have also met up with some in Austria and Sweden, but have yet to tell those stories. Because we do slow international travel with long-stays in campgrounds in Europe or long stay apartments and rental homes, our daughter has made so many friends while traveling. Still, there is something special meeting up with other RTW families and  and listening to the kids talk about their unique travel experiences and connecting is part of the fun. 

family travel RTW kids playing during long term travel as a family

Many Europeans spend the winter at this campground in Nice that has good wifi, a year round indoor pool, yummy fresh-baked croissants and French baguettes every morning and close to everything on the Cote d'  Azur. One of the other families we met there was from Denmark who had been doing extended travel for months and  they were on their way home.  Other kids would come and go, many on weekends as it was October and school was in session for most. Luckily, we homeschool while we travel.

RTW family travel kids making friends while doing long term travel in Europe

 We also met  and spent quite a bit of time with this family from Australia doing a slow tour around Europe and had been traveling for many months. They had a girl just Mozart's age and they all had a ball together as  had a lot in common. In the top picture all of them are  enjoying a movie together outside one night next to our motorhome via Mozart's DVD player. We have lots of DVD's so this is a common treat on the road with friends & family that we all enjoy. The other photos are just free play time together near our campsite or in our European motorhome.

Around the world family travel kids playing in motorhome while camping in France 

Mozart of course, particularly liked the girl that was about her same age. Sometimes they would also play with the younger girl from Denmark even though she did not speak English or with her older brother and sister. Yes, we dressed up and went to tour sites like Monaco and even ran into this family by accident once while touring, but the free play around the campsite and in our motorhome, movies outside at night, swimming, biking, exploring together, making things out of nothing, talking and playing with others from different lands,  just being free kids is an important and valuable part of long term travel with kids!

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Brooke Drury

There happened to be three families from our little island home who were traveling last year, each a little bit differently. We managed to stage a weekend reunion in Bangkok, Thailand in the spring and had a great time comparing notes. The kids also reveled in spending time together. Indeed, it was one of the best highlights of our year-long adventure.

Ant Stone

I think you must run into a lot of the same families along your travels. I've always enjoyed bumping into young families along the way, it's always good to see the world through children's eyes.

[ps. I hope you don't mind me saying, but the amount of hyperlinks in the opening paragraph made it quite hard to read.]


Ant - Well, we don't often run into the same families, but we have chosen a style of travel where we do run into lots of families. Some RTW families hardly ever run into other families, but we do it as a lifestyle and not for just a year, so it is very important to us and a priority.

It is actually quite hard to sinc up with another RTW family ( much harder than for singles to meet on the road) but we've really enjoyed it when it works out.

What browser are you reading our blog in? It's very readable in Firefox, windows & Safari from our laptops and I've only had compliments on our hyper linkage so far.

Since we are going into our 5th year of non-stop travel & blogging we have tons of posts etc. I get MANY repeat questions because I have some readers who have read every word from the start and some that are just finding us (and everything in between. ) The hyperlinks make it easier to explain about what I'm talking about ( and can be ignored by those who already know the info or don't have time for it).

Seeing the world through your child's eyes & slowly as a family is my favorite form of travel & I think I've tried every version so far in my 58 years. ;)

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