Family Travel Slovenia

August 10, 2010

family travel Slovenia holiday country side vacation on road trip in Europe

Family travel on our amazing road trip through Europe is often times just about enjoying the country side and small villages as one roams along the back roads in countries like Slovenia.  When you are on a new road in a new country there is just something about the unknown that brings out one's curiosity. Slovenia is known as the greenest country in Europe and has it's own unique charm. I always find it interesting, that when one crosses a country border in Europe, somehow there is a different feel and look to the new country.

The roads and views are fantastic in Slovenia and besides spending time in beautiful Lake Bled and lovely Ljubljana, with fun family travel moments, we have driven across Slovenia quite a few times between Italy and eastern Austria. Slovenia is a quite popular destination for European travelers, but sadly, most Americans miss this gem.

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We spent two weeks traveling in Slovenia before our son was born. We flew into Venice, took a boat to Istria, rented a car and drove up to Slovenia. We loved the country - particularly hut-to-hut hiking in the Julian Alps. There was so much spectacular scenery packed into a small country - along with lovely little towns and interesting small museums. Another highlight was white water rafting down the Soca River. We'll be back some day.

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I'm so glad you mentioned taking the route through Slovenia. I was thinking of going from Venice straight North to Salzburg, but I was unsure about how mountainous the roads were in that region. Do you ever have to take a different route in order to avoid driving an rv on steep hills?

Camels & Chocolate

I'm dying to go to Slovenia. Somehow in the year and a half I lived in Europe, Croatia and Slovenia were the only two countries I was enamored with getting to, and I made it to like 20 countries and neither of them!


DGD- Sounds like a lovely trip. Slovenia is a gem!


Jo - Yes, after being on some pretty wild and scary mountain roads, we do try to avoid them if we can. It is a long days drive but one can go from Verona to Graz, Austria on very good, flat and uncrowded roads ( even in our slow, heavy, old RV) as we have done it a few times.

Where I wrote about best books, I mention one that shows the mountainous areas and gives warnings for roads that are too rough/steep for campers and caravans. But sometimes it is just trial and error. Some mountainous areas are not bad at all because they use tunnels, but it's always a little scary when traveling the unknown in mountainous or cliffy areas even with our GPS set for a bus.

The worst of the scary roads is there is almost never any where to turn around so you never know how bad it will get. Running into a bus coming the other way on a cliff road the size one tiny road is another thrill, especially when you are on the cliff side with no rail.

I've managed, even with my vertigo, but the longer we travel, the more conservative we get as far as cliff roads. ;)


Kristin - They are both really beautiful countries so I'm sure you will get there soon! ;)

Triton Travel Club

Have you had the opportunity to travel in Europe using the Schengen agreement to benefit you? I appreciate Europe's attempts to make travel throughout the continent more simple for foreigners. Thanks for the great post, it sounds beautiful.


It's so true that Slovenia is not a popular destination, however, I am usually drawn to places that are less traveled by others. I hope to visit this country before it does become a hot spot!

Jeremy B

Slovenia has to be one of the most underrated countries in Europe. Ljubljana is a great city and Lake Bled may be one of the most beautiful places in Europe. I've thought of buying property there.

IN some ways, I am glad many Americans don't know about it. It's a nice little secret for the rest of us. :)


Being Slovenian and loving to travel around in my camper van around mostly the Med-parts of Europe, yes Slovenia truly is a hidden gem in Europe. I believe that open minded folks always find places like this as for the rest....

Glad you liked Slovenija though...

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