8 Reasons For a Family World Trip

September 14, 2010

8 reasons for a taking a family world trip- a hands on world

To celebrate Soultravelers3 entering our fifth year of non-stop, open ended world travel as a family and blogging. Twittering, Facebooking ,YouTubing  our travel experiences  (and book writing)  as we go, I thought I'd make one of those infamous "lists" posts about WHY we do this and LOVE it so much.

We have no plans to stop and are excitedly looking forward to adding 10 or more countries this year ( to our 32 so far),  in Asia, plus Australia, New Zealand as well as  Tahiti and Hawaii , in addition to one more continent to make it five soon. Such a big world, so much to see, so little time, even with the longest life and long term travel.  We hope to stay on our 23-dollars-a day-per-person super low budget that we have done so far, as we roam, which will be more tricky with added plane travel. We will keep you posted!

Here are our top 8 reasons to travel the world as a family. I've done single travel, couple travel, group travel, 3 generation travel, travel with friends etc. and in my humble opinion, international family travel done long term and slowly is the best by far. Why?


In our busy world, time has become the biggest luxury and it is our greatest wealth. Mozart was just 5 when we left and just celebrated her 10th birthday in Barcelona. We have endless gratitude for the massive quantity and quality of time we have had together as we slow travel the world.  We would never have had this much time together had we not made this choice. Seeing how fast it has gone, makes us cherish this opportunity even more. I am particularly happy that she has had so much daily time with her father, something few children and few fathers get in this world.


I've already written a lot about the advantages of travel for education and the many ways we homeschool while we travel. Experiencing the world is an amazing education in itself. Learning is everywhere, not just in the museums or tours, but in free kids clubs, discussions,  meeting others, translating between friends speaking only one of your two languages,  doing art while traveling, and even transportation can be an education. We were just in Paris and let our 9 year old lead the way as she can  find her way in any city in the world now with total confidence, using maps and mass transit like a pro.


You will find yourselves doing remarkable things in exotic places that you would never have imagined before like riding camels in Morocco, swimming with dolphins in Portugal, sailing on the Turquoise Coast in Turkey, watching flamenco in Seville  and learning it at six in Andalusia, or eating reindeer meat in a kota in Sweden. These things give one a deep appreciation of the beauty of this world and it's people and builds confidence in the absolutely limitless possibilities in life. Even middle age, overweight, scaredy cats like me or just an ordinary family like us can be adventurers!


You will need to work together like you have never done before & will soon find yourselves like a well oiled team as you take planes, cargo ships, overnight trans-county ferries, trains, buses on many continents and learn to handle mass transit in umpteen world cities. You will realize like you have never known before, just how valuable each member of your team is and how each one, even the youngest, can sometimes lead or know the answer first. 

family picnic in Paris at the Eiffel Tower celebrating during travel
Celebrating our 19th Wedding Anniversary in Paris at the Eiffel Tower in August 2010


The diverse beauty of this planet will astound you from the fjords in Norway to the fjords in Montengro, from the Sahara to Stockholm, from Cappadocia to Hallstatt, from Poland to Paris and Pompeii, from Satorini to Lake Bled or Seville. Experiencing all these new places together and the amazing people you meet there will touch you,  change you and be part of your shared memory banks forever!


Many of our most spectacular world sights will no longer be with us in the future, so see them now. Places like Venice, Taj Mahal and the Camarague will no longer exist or be available to tour. Heartbreaking predictions, so I hope all the experts are wrong about disappearing travel treasures.


In our fast changing world, one of the greatest gifts that you can give to your children, is the opportunity to really experience, connect with and respect the many different cultures on this planet and how we all share the same humanity, love and goodness. In a world full of digital natives, getting smaller by the minute due to technology, we can connect in an instant, but being able to walk the land, know some of the everyday  life of other places, speak the language, experience the culture deeply through immersion can't help but expand ones horizons, creativity and global empathy. Some what by accident, people like us and the Frost family, have found family world travel amazingly advantageous for our future global citizens.


One of my favorite quotes is:

"To my mind, the greatest reward and luxury of travel is to be able to experience everyday things as if for the first time, to be in a position n which almost nothing is so familiar it is taken for granted. " Bill Bryson

I love living like that and find long term travel,  keeps us living in the "now" like nothing else that I have ever done. Sometimes it is a challenge, especially if one is going too fast, and we have had our bad moments,  but mostly it gives a real timelessness to life and I think the memories are sweeter, richer, more vivid and  succinct because of the "newness" and focus that creates. I've never felt more alive or more loved. Life often feels magical as if we have angels watching over us and I think that is because we must live most of it in the present moment.


What do you think are the best reasons for family world travel?

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You are truly living my dream.

I met my husband traveling around the world 8 years ago (we were both on a year break) and now we've settled and have an almost 4 yr old. We try to give her experiences here in America - camping, "road trips" - to keep our wanderlust satisfied.. I try to be present in my child (and husbands) life - that is one thing I salvaged from my travels. But it's easy to see how you can get dragged back into it and I probably do more than I would like.

It's my dream for my child to guide us around the city like Mozart does for you, to enjoy all the simple things again, to really LIVE rather than just survive. Your blog is an inspiration!

We will get there! :) Keep on writing. Thanks

Caz Makepeace

Awesome! This is what we plan to do with our daughter after many years of traveling ourselves. Will print this off and give it to all the relatives who think we are bad parents for doing so.

Amber Hadley

Hi, I've also been following your blog and some of your posts over on BootsNAll as well. You and your family inspire me as well and I'm so delighted that you're committed to sharing your insights and information with the global community. I'm hoping to start long-term travel with my 5 1/2 year old soon. We have a lovely life here, especially some very nice friends, so there are times when I feel torn, but I still hope we'll have a chance to do this. I also hope our friends will meet us in other countries along the way. :-)

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