Celebrating in Paris: Eiffel Tower

October 12, 2010

best picnic spot in paris at Eiffel Tower celebrating anniversary

There could hardly be a better place to celebrate than Paris, one of the most beautiful places on earth. It's the city of light and love for singles and couples, but perhaps even better for family travel because it is full of travel icons which kids love. On our family world trip we have had two celebrations in Paris that we will never forget. 

  family travel paris eiffel tower merry go round

Before we even left for our world tour in 2006, I decided Paris and even more specifically, the Eiffel Tower, would be the perfect place to excite a five year old about travel and give her a world traveling goal to look forward to. We planned an exciting 6th birthday for her in Paris, including going to the top of the Eiffel Tower at night and riding on the merry-go-round. She even had an Eiffel Tower decoration on her cake at our going away PJ party and we got lots of kids books about Paris to add to her education and anticipation. 

Tween at Eiffel Tower, family travel Paris, beret & scarf souvenirs

When we recently returned to Paris for several weeks, four years later with our daughter now almost 10, it happened to coincide with our 19th wedding anniversary. I hadn't planned anything, so at the last minute I asked for ideas on Twitter and Facebook and got tons of fantastic ideas. We wanted to do them all and perhaps we will in time, but ended up voting for a relaxing day enjoying our spectacular view right on the banks of the Seine in the morning, exploring the Rodin Museum and then a "pique nique" at Le Tour Eiffel which was just perfect. We ended with a romantic  boat ride at night taking in the lighted views.

PJ clad kid feeds 7 swans in the morning before breakfast in Paris on Seine 

family travel soultravelers3 with Rodin's Thinker

perfect picnic in Paris at the Eiffel tower. stil life

The day even started out magical as we had already been in Paris for a couple of weeks, but as we awoke, we were greeted by seven swans a swimming just feet away from our RV on the banks of the Seine!  We had one of the best sites in this popular Paris campground, ( site Q18) with spectacular and peaceful Seine river views to enjoy morning and night between touring, but this happened to be the first time that we saw any swans. Last years, 18th wedding anniversary ended with a travel disaster, so we thought this was a joyful omen. Mozart was delighted to feed this addition to her menangerie of ducks, seagulls and stray cat that she fed each morning. 

family travel Paris means a girl jumping for joy at eiffel tower

I had been wanting to see the Musee Rodin in my last several visits to Paris, but some how kept running out of time, but since it is not far from the Eiffel Tower, it was a perfect addition to our day. We don't usually buy midday treats ( we usually bring our own) , but the cafe on the grounds there was a good spot to relaxt so we indulged in a few delicious French style snacks. I got some strawberries with basil, a simple, but winning combination I would never have thought of, yet will now definitely add it to my healthy treat repetoir.  

Family travel Paris, mom and daughter at Eiffel towe pinic having fun 

kissing at the eiffel tower on our 19th wedding anniversary
family travel portrait in Paris at Eiffel tower

kids love travel icons like the eiffel tower in Paris, great for family travel

I have seen the Eiffel Tower so many times in my life, yet somehow it still impresses me every time. The crowd always seems to be a happy one, most just seeing it for the first time and everybody getting that classic " me and Eiffel" photo op. We did ours and video from several angles before settling down to the perfect picnic spot. Mozart loves picnics, our first date was a very special picnic at a deserted beach, so what could be better to celebrate 19 years of wedded bliss in a luxurious, but low cost way? 

parents at Eiffel tower taken by kid, family travel vacation style 

Happy 19th anniversary at the eiffel tower. to life!

The Eiffel Tower has now become "our" Paris icon for celebrations. We often see brides when we travel ( which I will write a post about soon) and we did that day. Perhaps that made an impression on our Ms. Mozart as she said to me a few days later that she was "going to get married at the Eiffel Tower, mark my words". We'll see. She did get to pour our wine and take lots of kissing pictures of us that day,  which she loved and before we left she ended up with a French beret and pretty Paris scarf which made her feel very French and tre chic. She also got five little Eiffel Tower key chains that she can not wait to give to her best friends.

After our leisurely picnic we made our way to the left bank  and rode a river boat to see all of Paris from that magical night perspective, including  the totally lit up and sparkling "Le Tour Eiffel". ( More details on the river boat ride coming soon).  All and all, I'd say a perfect Soultravelers3 celebration and 19th wedding anniversary to remember forever!

eiffel tower at night by boat Paris france holiday 

Where is your favorite place to celebrate in Paris? Do you have a favorite travel  icon to celebrate at?

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We particularly enjoyed the Rodin Museum. We got there when it first opened and pretty much had the gardens to ourselves for an hour or so.


Sounds like you had an amazing 19th wedding anniversary!

We loved climbing up the Arc de Triomphe close to sunset and watching the lights come on in the "city of lights" as the sunset.

We didn't plan on going up the Arc de Triomphe, it was spur of the moment thing and were so glad we did!


Oh Paris... an ideal city for celebration! While the top of the Eiffel Tower is one of my favorite spots, I prefer the view from Sacré Coeur, especially mornings before any crowds arrive. I really like the third photo of Mozart by the way (in front of the Eiffel Tower). So chic!


Dominique - The Rodin Museum and gardens are really lovely, aren't they?

Melanie - We did! We love the Arc de Triumph too & Mozart and her dad have climbed to the top of there and been to the top of Eiffel as well.

Erica - Indeed! We love Sacré Coeur too. ;) Mozart had just bought her Paris scarf so was feeling very chic with it and her Beret. ;) She bought a beret for her best friend in Barcelona too. ;)


When we lived in Paris, we always did the "tourist" tour on the first of january to celebrate : boatride on the Scene, trip to Eiffel tower or other landmark, ride on the big ferris wheel the city puts up Place de la Concorde every year, and lots of old fashioned carroussel/merry-go-rounds tours (because they are free merry-go-rounds all over Paris at this time of the year), lunch at (heated) terrasse... it was great! Now that we live in Brittany, we'll have to figure out another family tradition.
Happy belated anniversary to you and birthday to your girl.


What a lucky girl to celebrate her birthday in Paris, France! I love this post and your photos - it looks like an amazing time.

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