Family Travel Italy Portofino

October 01, 2010

family travel Italy portofino Italian riviera

Family travel is sometimes about dressing up in fancy clothes and leaning into the lifestyles of the rich and famous, even on our 23- dollar-a-day per person tight budget.  I want my child to see all of the world,  from a Berber tent in the deep Sahara to high tea in a posh hotel in London. Today, Portofino on the Italian Riviera, is not the rock star it once was, but it is still very beautiful and attracts some amazing yachts. Mozart put on her best sun dress (that Grandma in California had sent to her in Spain before we set out on our European road trip) as we left our base in Cinque Terre  for a day of explorations.

It had been over  twenty five  years since I last visited Portofino, but it hadn't changed that much and luckily it was not busy at all even though we visited it in high season last year. It was fun just to wander around and do lots of people-watching, including those on the fanciest huge yachts. Perhaps the gelato served in crystal at the outdoor cafe made a bigger impression on our eight year old as they were not as big as the gigantic trans-county overnight ferries that we have taken. You don't have to be rich to live a rich life!



Photo Friday post for  deliciousbaby!

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We were in Portofino this summer and loved it. Beautiful weather and fine food, lovely.

Amy @ The Q Family

Lovely picture and very fashionable model. :)

Camels & Chocolate

I can only imagine what Mozart's childhood scrapbook is going to look like by the time she's 18! Or should I say "encyclopedia of scrapbooks?"


This is a glamorous looking shot for sure!

cynthia in the French Alps

I live in France now but I used to live in Italy for two years. Italy remains my first love and I was a regular at Cinque Terre and other Riviera towns like Portofino. I miss it. Very happy to see your post about this lovely town. Cynthia in the French Alps

The GypsyNesters

Love Portofino, all of Italy really. Thanks for the memory jog.

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