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October 18, 2010

family travel Kauai Hawaii

Family travel is about learning to appreciate different cultures, even when it is in your own country! Thanks to the amazing people at Hawaiian Tourist Board ( HVCB) and Kauai Visitors Bureau , we are in gorgeous Kauai, Hawaii right now, having an absolutely blissful experience. I will be telling you much more about it, but we are traveling fast now, so I will just have to do short photo posts until we slow down.

I will tell you that after sailing along the spectacular 3000 foot cliffs of the  Napali Coast, seeing 5 or 6 blissful pods of dolphins, turtles and snorkeling with Blue Dolphin Charters for breakfast and lunch the first day, we headed to a Luau at Kilohana Plantation for dinner and we were wowed by many things including a wonderful theatrical dance show that taught us much about Hawaiian history and culture. As you can see by our faces, we have definitely caught the aloha spirit....more details coming soon! Hawaii is the top dream destination for Mozart who has been begging to visit Hawaii since she was five, so super thrilling for all of us to finally get here.

Have you been to Hawaii? What were your favorite moments? 

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We LOVE Hawaii, especially Kauai.

We enjoyed the zip lining, the tubing and the seals on the beach. And the helicopter ride over the Napali Coast.

We keep trying to get back there for a week of doing not much of anything!

Lifecruiser Travel Blog

Oh, I so know how Mozart did feel then , because me too have been dreaming about Hawaii - maybe not since I was five, but 25! Somehow I never seem to get there... Well, it has to be in the future, right?! *giggles*

You all look so beautiful & happy in this photo, so far it's may favorite one of yours!


Melanie - Hard not to love Kauai, isn't it? Thanks so much for stumbling & reviewing this post too, really appreciate that!!

We definitely want to come back, hopefully for a long stay of a few months! ;)


Lifecruiser - Aw, thanks and I hear ya! ;) My uncle sent me a Hawaiian skirt and coconuts when I was 5 and he lived here, so I have been wanting to come here for over 50 years! It was worth wait, don't miss it. I'd always heard that Kauai was magical & they were right! ;) Move it to the top of your list!


You three are all very photogenic. Glad you're having a good time.


I've been to nearly all the Hawaiian islands - except Kauai. It is next on my list. The first time I visited Hawaii, I truly felt at home, and I've been homesick ever since. The last time I visited, I was mistakenly called "kamaaina" and it made my day.


So glad you're enjoying the islands. I'm very envious of you right now as I'm living abroad and missing home.

My favorite moments: warm trade winds, picnicking at the beach with family and friends, enjoying ukulele playing and "storytelling" (local people are great at this-- they have a specific flavor in telling stories & shooting the breeze) and eating my mother's musubi after a day of swimming.

Hope your family enjoys!


I've been dying to go to Hawaii too... not just for the islands, but the surf and skate as well.


I live in Honolulu and I dream of travelling abroad. I have never been to Kauai, but it sounds like a great experience. I've always thought of you guys as a whole world away, it's strange that you're so close.


Sounds amazing. Are you heading over to Sydney, seems to be that you are going that way around the world... enjoy...


I remember a fabulous trip to the top of some road through the Waimea Canyon. We were high above the Na Pali Coast. From there one looked north into nothing. I imagined what the pre-western Hawaiians must have thought as they stood there, on the most northern spot of their island chain, looking out at what appears to be the edge of the world. Very spiritual spot.


My favorite was hiking on Kauai: Pihea hiking trail, Waimea Canyon. We walked in the clouds! Also loved snorkelling at Poipu.
On Oahu, we took a hike on the west side and that was amazing. (Forgetting the trail name.)

Nathan Kam

So glad you and your family were able to visit Hawaii and experience the beauty of Kauai. It's really a special island with so much to see and do. I vividly recall the first time I sailed on the Napali Coast. The beauty of the cliffs beckoning high above the ocean as we turned the corner, anchored and snorkeled, was overwhelming. Looking forward to hearing more about your island adventures in future posts.


I never been to Kauai, but a good friend is from there and lives there.

It sure looks wonderful. A dream trip to take my daughter one day.


We will be there in two weeks. Which company did you use for the sailing cruise?


Never been to Hawaii, but one day I would like to go. Our goal is to visit all the state capitols.

Kelly Perozo

Wow. I have been reading your blog for about a year now as my family and I plan to travel in 2013 or 2014 for an extended time. We live on the North Shore of Kauai! I can't believe we missed you. Also the only other travel blog that I read, "little travelers" also is here on Kauai. It appears they moved here! If you do ever make it here for a "few months" or even for a short time, I would love to get our families together. Aloha,
Kelly,Kiko,Ela (6), & Luka (2)

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