Family Travel London: Free Museums!

October 08, 2010


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Family travel is all about education and there are always many opportunities to learn while on a road trip around Europe. Visiting museums is a great way to add to the educational values as you wander the world. We absolutely loved the Natural History Museum in London which was wonderful and engaging for the whole family. To top it off the museums are free in London! We also loved visiting the Tate Museum after seeing the Globe Theatre.

We use museums as part of our long term travel education and homeschool as we tour the world slowly. This one was particularly nice because they had a section in the basement that was meant for kids to explore in a hands-on, scientific way. There were microscopes, computers, magnifying glasses, and more,  plus teacher volunteers that were fabulous at assisting a child to get the most out of their child led experience. Don't you love this kind of learning?


A photo Friday Deliciousbaby post!

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Great post and I love the photo. I've been to London quite a few times but still haven't made it to the Globe. It's a must for my next trip.

Brooke Drury

Great post, which brought back many memories. Be sure to check out the museums in New Zealand, if you get down that way. They are world class, with terrific multi-media presentations on natural and cultural history, earth science topics and many more. Our kids loved them, especially Te Papa National Museum (Wellington) and the National Museum in Auckland. - B


i DO love london, and esp the museums. we always hit up the museums wherever we go - it's one of the best ways to learn a culture and history. fun photo!


sounds wonderful,I especially like the sound of the basement area! we were hoping to get there this year but haven't managed it yet.
good luck on the next stage of your journey.

Dominique King

We're big museum fans, both when traveling...and at home.
I just started a DVD class about the Louvre today...not as great as seeing the real thing I'm sure, but fun all the same.


Museums in London are mind blowing. They reveal the glory of Britain.

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Children love to visit in Museums, because they learn about History, science and many other topics.


Do you have any recommendations on a place to stay in London? We are looking at not being in a hostel as I'm not sure those are too family friendly.

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