Family Travel Spain: Costa Brava Photo

November 02, 2010

family travel costa brava beach

 One of the things we love about Family Travel in Europe, are the charming  beaches. I love the old fashion feel like this one on the Costa Brava, not too far from Barcelona.

They remind me of another time, like this looks like it could almost have been taken in the fifties or thirties. I love that timeless feel and think it is a good, wholesome perspective for a child. Love Costa Brava?  Then check out this best of Costa Brava post or this one on the  Dali Museum.

Why do you love the beaches of Spain or Europe? We are in Bora Bora when this post goes up, so thinking beachy, but I may not have any internet connection while here.

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Zablon Mukuba

the Costa Brava beach is perfect for a family

Nate Barnett

I spent a week in Yreta, Spain. Hiked along the beaches quite a bit. What a fun place!

directline summer holidays

I went to Costa Brava two summers ago and absolutely loved it! I agree with how the beaches feel quite old fashion, but that suited me perfectly. It was a great place just to relax and top up the tan!

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