Family Travel Provence, France: Narbonne

November 09, 2010

family travel France Narbonne, Provence

Narbonne is a unique town in Provence and very pretty with the famous midi canal runing right through it. The architecture seems more like the middle of France, instead of Provence. Family travel in Provence multiple times can mean exploring lots of new places each time along with the tried and true.

This is a photo of Mozart on a hot day on one of the bridges there with the boats and town in the background. Almost all the towns in France are decorated with flowers on bridges and dresssing up the villages and towns main streets,  which is a nice touch.

We stayed at a European campsite near here called La Nautique which was okay, but  outrageously over priced ( almost 50 euros when we were mostly paying 17 to 20 euros in most places this past summer in Provence). Thus we didn't stay long, but enjoyed seeing it, before moving on with our extensive south of France wanderings this year.

We are on the move now in French Polynesia, Auckland and Australia, so doing short posts until we slow down for the winter and settle into Penang.

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Camels & Chocolate

Mozart is totally France chic! You've got a regular Francophile on your hands!


Your pictures help feed my France longings! I've never been to Europe but love, love, love looking through pictures, particularly of France and Italy. It seems like Europeans can transform even the dingiest of alleyways into a picture-perfect postcard. I wish more areas in the US looked like that.


Aw, thanks Kristin, Mozart does love France & it was also fun to just be in Bora Bora, Tahiti & Moorea where she got to meet more French friends & speak a little French.

We plan to go back to Provence this summer to meet old friends from California who will meet up with us. Always new villages to discover there and such a happy summer place! ;)


Beautiful Provence post! Today, I included your blog in my "10 Family Travel Blogs You'll Love" post on


We had great experiences in Montpellier this summer as a family that I have also written on my blog, so nice to read your experiences in another great place to put on our family travels list.
Our son summed up traveling in France best I think: They have great bread, great desserts, pasta and pizza everywhere! Add to that Mom's and Dad's love of great beer, wines and coffees and we have the best family vacation choice we could find!


We really enjoyed Narbonne a few weeks ago, and actually stayed at La Nautique!!! It was only 15 euros for us in off season though, so we stayed for over a week. Loved the individual bathrooms, lovely views in the back & having the whole place to ourselves! And the kids loved the beach Gruissan -- sunny blue sky & cool in November. A great little town.

Theodora (Travels with a Nine Year Old)

Loving the pinks in this shot... Wow! Penang must be a real culture shock after this...

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