BBC Interviews Soultravelers3 on Social Media and Travel

December 14, 2010

soultravelers3 meet BBC anchor and camera man for interview

Wow, talk about feeling like a travel social media rock star! Let me tell you, having the BBC pick you up at the airport and give you a warm welcome when you arrive in London, then interviewing you in a taxi as they take you to the 25th anniversary show of Les Miz, has to be the most thrilling way to come to the UK that you can imagine!

I've written about the beautiful and talented Camen Roberts before and her fantastic world wide BBC travel show, Fast Track, when Soultravelers3 was first featured on the BBC travel show. We were very honored that when she was putting together her tourism show about how social media is changing the way we travel, that she wanted to feature Soultravelers3.

If you look at the statistics of how Social Media is changing travel, you see this is a very important current story in many ways. Looking at the latest Top 50 Online Travel Influencers, you can see that soultravelers3 ranks as number 4 today, which is pretty amazing out of the million of travel websites online. We've learned so much from the last five years of non-stop travel that we are morphing from world travelers to a travel and lifestyle design business, by sharing all that we have learned and experienced during our international globetrotting, technomad lifestyle.


Social media and tech advances are changing everyone's world today and it has had a profound affect on our digital nomad travel lifestyle from our being featured in the New York Times ( which led to us writing our books), to being case studies in mega-hits like The 4-Hour Workweek and The Art of Non-Conformity or this BBC interview. All thanks to social media.

Carmen and the BBC crew were suppose to fly into Spain to film us for this show, but Spain scheduled a strike just before they came, so we had to come up with a plan B. We had already intended to come to London for two days to meet some friends, go to a booksigning and hopefully see the 25rh Anniversary show of Les Miserables ( since we were in France this summer studying the French Revolution).

BBC camera man capturing soultravelers3 social media  travel interview

As we packed up for our round-the- world flight in southern Spain  and got our motorhome ready for winter storage there, together (via calls and emails), we came up with this alternate plan quickly. The adrenalin was already flowing as we left our Andalusian campsite at four in the morning in the pitch dark before anyone was awake, heading to the taxi that would take us on our first 2010 plane ride, starting  the guantlet of 14 flights that we would take in the next two and half months, adding a fifth continent and raising our countries visited to 38.  What a way to begin!

Now we are in Penang for a tropical winter, primarily so we can immerse our child deeply in her third language at an all Chinese school here for the next few months before heading to India and back to Europe for the summer. I heard from many people from around the world who saw this BBC show air, but we were in transit, so I am just now getting a chance to share it with those of you who missed it. Hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed filming it!

BBC's Fast track travel reporter interviewing soultravelers3 on travel and social media

I will be writing more about the spectacular performance of Les Misearbles, but want to thank Carmen and the BBC for helping us obtain tickets and stupendous seats. Carmen is as great in person as she is online or on TV and it was a pure joy to meet her. Mozart was so impressed, she has been making little videos on her new ipod pretending that she is a reporter for the BBC!

soultravelers3 seeing 25th anniversary  Les Miz in London









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Sandra Foyt @ The Journey Mom

You continue to inspire! We've chatted in the past about how we're using (and trying not to be overwhelmed) by social media. But, the game keeps changing. Still, it's a fun ride, right?

By the way, you & your family looked great on this segment. Love seeing how Mozart is growing up into a fabulous young lady!

Camels & Chocolate

How exciting! And Les Mis will forever be one of my favorite Broadway musicals ever. Awesome you got to see it in London!

Zablon Mukuba

congratulations on your interview


what an exciting experience for your family!Fourteen plane rides in a few months sounds TIRING! I'm sure your glad to stay put for a little while now.

Corfu Villas

That was a good interview. I have been a visitor of Soultravellers3 for nearly a year now and have read so many articles in this blog, but never tried to comment. But, according to me you guys are moving to the next level, I understood this after watching this video. There is a lot of difference between you and your competitors. So, thought of letting you know.

My Little Nomads

Wow! I'm jealous. You'll love Penang. Southeast Asia is a great place for kids — so relaxed and easy going. Good luck with the Mandarin.

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