Family Travel Asia: Photo Georgetown, Malaysia

January 30, 2011

family travel asia rickshaw ride photo in georgetown, penang, Malaysia

Have you taken a ride in a rickshaw? It's a popular option in Georgetown, Penang in Malaysia and adds to the atmosphere of this UNESCO Heritage Site and seems especially rewarding for family travel while  learning about the history here. We enjoy looking at them and taking photos, but we have yet to take a ride in one since we have been wintering in Penang.

Even though it is a tricycle style rickshaw, I still worry about the person giving the ride, but perhaps we will try it out with Grandma and Mozart doing intergenerational family travel on our touristy jaunts and explorations around Georgetown during Chinese New Year.

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wilson usman

So cool, I am currently saving up to go on an adventure with my girlfriend, similar to yours.

I really enjoy what so many people are doing online these days.

By the way I enjoy your blog even though its my first time here.


Welcome to our blog Wilson! It's a great life so I wish you the best! Lots of helpful posts here that you may like.

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