Beautiful New Zealand- Kia Kaha

March 27, 2011

beautiful New zealand kia kaha


Have you been to beautiful New Zealand? Now is a perfect time to go or plan a trip. We've heard from many travelers, including travel icon Wendy Perrin and her husband when we visited them for Halloween, that New Zealand is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Thus it's long been on our bucket list and we finally made it this year.

Alas, we didn't get more than a peek, but we will be back. This year we are doing a complete round-the-world trip so we started in Spain, then flew to London, New York City, San Francisco, Honolulu, Kauai, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Papette, Tahiti, Bora Bora, Papette, Auckland, then onto Sydney, Singapore and finally Penang for the winter. We will soon make our way back to London and Spain, via stops in India and Jordan and possible Bhutan.

Even we can't see everything, but we wanted to at least take a quick look at Auckland while in New Zealand. We loved the friendly people, kiwi marmite, and this view from the famous One Tree HIll. We stayed at the Airport Bed & Breakfast which is a fantastic budget place that we'll be writing more about. We can't wait to go back and do deep explorations of this gorgeous country. Having experienced and learned about other fascinating Polynesian people in Kauai and Tahiti we are also eager to learn more about the Maori people.

As most people know Christchurch, New Zealand was hit recently by their second large earthquake. We're joining other bloggers like Perceptive Travel and Matador Network in this weeks #blog4NZ event to help support the people of New Zealand. Our hometown of Santa Cruz was hit by a large earthquake when we lived there in 1989, so we know what that is like and how long it takes to rebuild. Tourism to New Zealand is one of the best things you can do to support this country.

Kia Kaha are Maori words which mean be strong. We send blessings to the people of New Zealand plus Japan and Burma.

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aww, what a lovely idea. Thank you :)

Elizabeth E

Thanks so much for all you and other travel writers are doing for Christchurch. My Christchurch friends are feeling stressed from coping with the aftermath of the earthquake, and the constant tremors: afraid to go to sleep at night and wondering if the next tremor will be another big one. So good to know that people in the big world care about them. Kia kaha, Christchurch.

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Glad you like it @lucy and glad to help!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Katherine- We're happy to be able to help! Having lived through a 7.1 earthquake myself ( and I was at a very bad place near the epicenter where many were killed) I REALLY understand. I think the after shocks are what makes earthquakes so stressful, perhaps the most stressful of all natural disasters because they can go on for weeks and months and don't let one sleep properly or recover easily because one stays in that "alert" mode all the time.

Tell them to look up the Heartmath method for earthquakes as it helps!

Sheila Scarborough

Thanks so much for supporting Blog4NZ and for mentioning the Perceptive Travel Blog; one of our authors, Liz Lewis, lives in Christchurch NZ and we worry about her so much.

I've never been there, but this week has certainly inspired me to make some plans!


I have lots of friends in New Zealand. I felt so helpless sitting in my living room just watching their country being ripped up by that terrible earth quake.


New Zealand is very high on our list of places to visit. We're in Las Vegas now for my husband's work. Then we're renting a car and driving down to San Diego for two weeks before driving back up here again. Good to catch up on your blog.

Dave and Deb

Glad you had a chance to pop into New Zealand, even if it was just for a short time. We are here right now and yes, you are is the most beautiful place on earth. Every corner, Especially on the South Island is breath taking (and I don't use that phrase often) Too bad we will miss you in Jordan, but maybe Bhutan. One of these days our paths will cross. Cheers Dave and Deb

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Glad to help SheilaS and love your blog!

@Richard - I hear ya! That is why I wanted to try to help in this way

Christian- Glad to see you catching up here & fun to hear that you are on your own adventure! We definitely will do more exploring of NZ!

Dave & Deb- Glad you are enjoying your selves and eventually we'll meet! ;)

Brooke Drury

Amen on the beauty of Aotearoa. We so enjoyed our three months there. The best way to see it is via campervan. So many wonderful places to see and go, and you only have to unpack once. I can't wait to do it again someday.

The trials and tribulations of Christchurch are so heartfelt. We spent three weeks staying a few blocks north of the CBD and the recent devastation really hit home. ' wish we could do more than just send $$$$.

Thanks for your comments. It is always fun to check in and read about your latest adventures.



From Christchurch...thanks for your thoughts. It truly has been a traumatic time for us and to know that people from all over the world are thinking of us and praying for us is very humbling! It is over 2months now since our 2nd devastating earthquake and it will be a long time before our city returns to normal...and it will certainly never be the same.
We are a strong community and we will survive this, but we have taken a heavy hit!
Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.


Wishing I live there right now...:)

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