Celebrating Easter in Asia

April 24, 2011

celebrating Easter in Asia

Celebrating Easter while traveling as a family is now our normal way of life and we had a good one here in tropical Asia as we prepare for next week's take off to Singapore, Bangkok, Bhutan, and Jordan on our way back to Europe for the summer. We arrived in Asia around Thanksgiving, had a great Christmas and now it's time to hit the road again. I wrote about celebrating Christmas abroad a while ago, but Easter abroad is basically the same message.

One of our 10 year old daughter's highlights was getting an Easter card and gift via Fedex from her Aunt back at home. She always picks gifts that Mozart loves and this cute hat was no exception. We were told that sending things here was not a good idea as they often get stuck in customs with high fees to get out, but we seemed to have lucked out with this one.

I must admit I miss our Easters in Spain as their "Semana Santa" is perhaps the best place to celebrate Easter, but soon we will be back to our old village and many dear friends. We are in a Muslim country this year where many others are Budhists and Hindu's etc., so no big Easter celebrations here. Mozart is sad to leave her friends here but can't wait to suprise her old friends back in Europe.

We skipped the Easter Bunny routine, now that we have a tween and she was thrilled to get to order two books on her Kindle instead and go to see the latest Justin Beiber movie, Never Say Never. She can't stop singing the songs and reminds me of a mini female Justin Beiber. That is the hip singer I know, so we were as surprised as anyone by her recent angelic acapella  solo with her Mandarin high school choir.

She had a great time yesterday doing a playdate with  a friend from school and after the movie today it was down to the pool here with her Spanish speaking friend from Mexico. We caught this photo at the playground and wanted to get it up for auntie, so she could see how she was enjoying her gift! We mostly just enjoyed the simple pleasure of being together and felt filled with gratitude.

Have a wonderful Easter all! What were your favorite moments?

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Eva Gill

We picked up some quail and duck eggs, as they seemed more promising for easter eggs than the brown chicken eggs we could find in Bangkok. We painted them with our older daughter's acrylic paints, since we could not find egg dye. We loved the miniature easter quail eggs.

I think spending holidays in different countries is good for children. It teaches us all that things don't need to be a certain way to be a celebration for us. This was our third Easter in Asia. (Two other times we were visiting my brother who lived there, this time on our RTW trip.) Last year was in Geneva. Very different experiences. Of course, different experiences is all kidlet knows...

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