Family travel Krakow, Poland: Photo

April 29, 2011

Carriage ride on family vacation Krakow/Cracow

Family travel in Europe can often mean taking a carriage ride around an ancient city. We have taken them in Prague, Seville with family, Brugge, and more. They add educational value to a family vacation and kids always love them.

In the beautiful and biggest main square in Europe,( Rynek Glowny) center of  UNESCO Heritage Site Krakow/ Cracow, we decided to just watch and listen to them as they add color and remembrance of how things use to be in this ancient pretty city. I can hear the clomp, clomp, clomp of horses hooves just looking at this photo.

We were sitting at one of the many cafes that line the Main Market Square having a bite and some tea when this carriage went by. One can see the famous Sukiennice/Cloth Hall in the background which dominantes the Old Town center and one of the cities most recognizable icons.

Krakow was one of the few cities in Poland that was not destroyed in the war and it's oldest,  so enchanting, fairytale-like, rich in history and with a thriving arts community. We loved our visit to Krakow and lucked out running into a to-die-for delicious dumpling festival complete with colorful native costumes and traditonal music.

There are many ways to visit an old town. We have done it on bikes, walking, buses, subways , boats and trams and have appreciated each ways unique advantages. Cariages are romantic for couples and also gives kids a hands on view of history that makes the stories come alive.

Have you done a carriage ride tour around a city?

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I don't think I've ever even been in a carriage. I think I've always stayed away from them because the horses kind of smell. But maybe I'll give it a chance one day :)


I had some carriage ride in Romania, but it was not a carriage like this. It was a village carriage ride, not a city one.

I have read so much about Krakow and I always wanted to visit it. Not sure that I would take the carriage ride there. I think a lifetime is not enough to visit all the great places on the Earth. Many times I feel like the old lady from "Up" movie, who always wanted to travel the world, but she died before she managed to do it.

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