Family Travel Sweden: Grisslehamn Photo

May 11, 2011

Family Travel Sweden: Grisslehamn Photo


What a charming area, perfect for a family vacation! Grisslehamn, Sweden is a very popular spot in the summer time, but the summer season ends in Sweden on August 15th when people go back to work. Thus, we were very lucky to have this lovely campsite all to ourselves and right on the water's edge.

The owner gave us his card as he summers here in Sweden and winters in Thailand, so perhaps we will look him up now that we are wintering in Asia too. We had a wonderful time in Sweden and found August and early September a great time to be there as the weather was mostly good and there were no crowds.

We now knew what the traditional kota was here after our experience with our friends. We enjoyed these ducks who visited our camper on the water's edge regularly. We took the ferry from here to Finland to get a taste of it. It is a common trip for Swedes to pick up some things at good prices, but was an adventure for us.  I really loved and resonated with the combination of red buildings, green countryside  and blue water and sky which is such a mainstay in Sweden. There is something very nurturing about it.

Sweden was one of our favorite countries, partly because we stayed with wonderful Swedish friends, so I sill must find the time to share all of the great stories from our visit to places like Stockholm, Swedish lakes, visiting an ice bar, mushroom foraging, an amazing zoo safari and just hanging out at thier farm with our friends. So many happy memories.

Have you been to Sweden?

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This looks so charming! Sounds like the perfect summer destination. =)

Melissa Read (readontheroad

Reminds me of Nova Scotia, found a scene very similar outside Lunenberg. Can't wait to see more of yours from Sweden.

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