Scandinavia Travel: Blond Kiss Photo

May 25, 2011

 Scandinavia Travel: Blond Kiss Photo

When you take a trip to or vacation in Scandinavia, one thing you can not miss is all the blondes! In most places, blondes are a rarity, but in Scandinavia they are every where you look. "Tow heads" as my mother use to call us when we were kids.

I have a whole collection of blondes that I took photos of while we visited Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. Some day I will have to make a  photo post or video with them.

Sometimes family travel is just observing people in a different culture enjoy their every day lives. This couple, obviously newly in love, greeted each other with a morning kiss as they passed on the street in front of me. Some how it captured a slice of Scandinavia for me. There was something sweet about this kiss on the street.

We've recently enjoyed the many dark haired hues of Asia and the Middle East, but it's also wonderful to be back in Europe to delight in the many different cultures here.

Is it just me who enjoys the look of beautiful blond hair? Have you been to Scandinavia? Do you think it's funny that some blondes dye their hair black in Scandinavia to look different?

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Jeanne, you are absolutely right, which is why I was astonished to see so many very dark- (really black-) haired Norwegians last year. I was trying to think up all sorts of explanations based on history, when I got what may be one answer in a Norwegian novel last week: hair dye! I suppose some blond(e)s sometimes get bored with being blond.


My daughter has very blond hair and I don't know why, I did not expect to have a blond daughter, so it's always a bit of a wonder to me when I look at her.

I bet she'll fit right in with the scandinavian kids this summer !

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Nadine - It's really funny isn't it? Humans always amaze me and I guess are always interested in being a little different than the crowd. ;)

Jeanne @soultravelers3


I hear ya, the odds against my daughter being a blond were great with a Spanish origin dad from a family of all dark hair, dark eyed peeps.

It's always a wonder for me too even though she often reminds me of my sister who had the same beautiful hair at this age and I was even a blond when young. ...but not as blond as them this late.

Enjoy Denmark!

Expert Mom

Sweden still has a lot of blonds but this is changing rapidly as the demographics of the country are changing to become very multicultural with an emphasis on people from the Middle East. Actually Swedes merge well with the new Swedes so the future Swede will most likely be less of a blond. Your photos could become a historic exhibit :-) Anyways, what's the big deal with hair color, it is just a shade of this and that on top of someone's head :-) Thanks for your cool blog posts on Sweden.

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