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May 06, 2011

Travel to Bhutan amazing photo

Travel to Bhutan should be on everyone's bucket list. Bhutan is breathtakingly beautiful,  pristine, and is called  the last Shangri La on earth. We're traveling here now as a family, it is our 41st country ( on 5 continents) and one of the most spectacular that we have seen in our five years of non-stop travel. Bhutan is considered one of the most exclusive travel destinations in the world and has only been open to the world to visit since the 1970's ( they have only had TV since 1999).

We're very honored to be the first travel bloggers to be hosted by the amazing Tourism Council of Bhutan. Like Eric Weiner's Geography of Bliss, I've come to really admire a country who's King's primary goal is to make every decion based on the people's Gross National Happiness. Seems like we need more leaders who think like this.

I admire this tourism board because they align with the King's wishes, so are very smart about tourism, realizing that keeping the countries traditions, plus sustainable living and travel must work together to make it a win/win for all. We've been told that 70% of the country is forested and 90% of the food is grown organically. We admire these goals, the wonderful ( and happy) people of Bhutan that we have met here, the gorgeous landscapes, the incredible architecture and culture as well as the deep compassion and sweetness that one feels here.

We'll be writing much more about our travels in Bhutan, but do join us  and check out our many photos on our Soultravelers3 Facebook Page. It's a very diverse country and this photo was taken of the Himalaya Mountains with a woman and her baby in temporary housing on the edge of paradise where new houses were being built. Around every corner there are awe inspiring views, so we have wonderful photos, video and stories coming soon.

Is Bhutan on your bucket travel list or are you one of the lucky ones who have already been?

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Justin Mussler

It looks amazing!

King's efforts aside - do you find the people to be generally happy?

I am curious as to the how the family structure works. Kids? School? Etc... What means of promoting happiness have you witnessed to be working?

Thanks for sharing!

Anja Mutic

Bhutan has been at the very top of my dream list for some time now. You're so lucky to be there. Enjoy it!

Camels & Chocolate

It's been at the top of my list for years now! Actually, when I entered Kiwi Collection's Dream 100 contest last year, it was with a fictional postcard from Bhutan!


I have never had Bhutan on my travel radar but now I do! What an amazing country! Thank you for sharing.

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Thanks Anja! I so understand why it is on the top of your dream list and you won't be disappointed!! We do feel very lucky and are so enjoying it!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Kristin- That is so cool! You will definitely love's been one of our faves..even kidlets!

I think it is especially nice for folks who have done a lot of traveling because it is unique!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Becca - So happy to hear that we've put Bhutan on your travel radar! ;) I so understand because I haven't known about it for a long time either.

I will be writing lots more about our time here! It really is an amazing country and we are so happy that we have gotten to experience the beauty here and the wonderful people!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Thanks Justin! We've only been here for 4 days, so we're not experts on Bhutan, but yes, the people do seem exceptionally happy.

Eric Weiner did a much more thorough study of them and found them very happy.

The people are poor compared to US standards, some do not have any money but have plenty to eat, the schools look good and are free. Family and Buddhism appears to be very important and they LOVE their wise King.

Some are nomadic and roam the mountains with herds of Yak. Clearly very poor compared to our standards, but big grins of happiness on their faces.

Kids walking in their school uniforms and mom's with babes on their backs is a very common site.

Every single person we have met has seemed exceptionally kind and caring...& happy.

There is a lot of work being done on the roads and new houses being put up every where across the land...beautiful hand painted houses. The government is supporting these things to support the happiness of the people.

Aaron @ Aaron's Worldwide Adventures

I've been to Bhutan and have to agree with you! It is simply incredible!

You also have to admire a country that puts so little emphasis on money! You are considered wealthy by the resources available at your disposal, like land, livestock and family, not how much money you have. Schools and healthcare are free. And their environmental record is pretty incredible!

When my family visited last year we even had a chance encounter with the King himself! That was definitely the highlight of my visit! I have a post about it:

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