Baking Cookies With Champion Chef

June 12, 2011

baking chocolate chip cookies at Four Seasons Amman Hotel


We stayed three nights at the Four Seasons Amman in Jordan and they really spoiled us! Have you ever taken a cooking vacation? How about as a kid? As promised in my short cooking and travel  post, I'll share our adorable cooking travel video and more baking cookies photos below.

After we parents got an amazing massage, it was Mozart's turn to learn the secrets of award winning Pastry Chef Anas Qsairi and experience the grand pastry kitchen at the Four Seasons Hotel. How many kids get this one-of-a-kind culinary journey? Wow!

We'll be writing more about our incredible family stay there, but this post is about the food making with a kid. I had never considered a culinary vacation as a family, but this experience opened my eyes to the fascinating, interactive possibilities and why they are becoming more popular.

cooking with  a famous chef

First, the most important secret to cooking is the recipe, right?

Four Seasons busy Pastry kitchen

This is a busy, popular pastry kitchen and they do lots of weddings, bnaquets and special events

family fun with pastry chef at Four Seasons Amman Jordan

This was a very happy kiddo!

Learning chef's master tricks

Nothing like hands on, experiential learning from an expert, best way to learn.

cooking giggles at Four Seasons

Fun for all seemed to be the number one ingredient with giggles all around.

girl and cookie

Ready to bake!


Working together as a multi-cultural team, another good life lesson.


Mozart and award winning Pastry Chef Anas Qsairi

Tasting the results, nom nom. Note the chocolate truffles too.... pastry kitchens are fun places to hang never know what you will get to nibble.

scrumptious cookie

Now that we have this yummy recipe, we will have to make some for Grandma this fall.


Cooking up a little silliness as she was happy as a clam


Talk about a unique souveneir, getting his signature on her chefs hat made her day, along with keeping the apron. Luckily both are small enough to fit in our carry-on luggage.

cookie heaven

Later, they were delivered to our room ( as we were off to High Tea next) and she probably thought she had died and gone to heaven as we snuggled, watched Lawrence of Arabia together ( having just been in Wadi Rum) and enjoyed the fruits of her labor.

What is your favorite cookie making story? I don't think we will ever bake again without remembering this special treat.

Our trip to Jordan and stay at the Four Seasons was a sponsored trip, but our opinion, photos and videos are our own.


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Lori - The Unframed World

What an amazing experience! That looks like a lot of fun and has a delicious bonus too =). I never thought about a cooking vacation before!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Thanks Lori! I never really thought about it either, but now I see why they are popular.

Kidlet had a ball, so we will be doing more of this. :)

She is totally in LOVE with the Four Seasons and they go out of their way to make it special even for kids.


How nice ! Love the picture your last words painted (the snuggling in front of a movie linked to your travels and enjoying those special cookies)... Thanks for sharing ;-)

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Aw, thanks Gabrielle! It's a special moment we will never forget.

Loved that they also had Lawrence of Arabia so we could get more learning and discussions about our Jordan journey in such a relaxing and yummy, family way ;)

Best of unschool eh, learning from a top chef while having fun and then learning more while we enjoyed eating them. ;)

V's Herbie

What fun! But -10 chef points to him for not having her wear a hair net!

Jeanne soultravelers3

Ha Herbie, I hear ya! But these were just private cookies only for her so less important...I don't know anyone who wears a hairnet at home while baking. ;)

I suppose the photo moment also is better accommodated by hair down instead of up in a hair net. That said, I did cringe when I saw her hair touch the cookies. ;)

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