Barcelona Arrival - Police OMG!

June 03, 2011

Barcelona police oh my!

We'd read about the police and student protests in Barcelona, but didn't expect to see two policemen on motorcycles coming at us when we arrived after driving eight hours.

Okay, we were searched by custom police and their dog for drugs in Ireland, pulled over by the police in Germany for going to slow on the autobhan, and scolded for not being naked in Portugal, but we're law abiding boomers and family tourists!

friendliest policeman in Spain!

Like our interveiw with the BBC in London, this was another rock star arrival! Who would ever guess that an ordinary family like us would have such adventures as we travel the world?

When he took off his helmet, we recognized our dear friend who makes the best paella in Spain! What a fun surprise as we love this family so much and hurried as fast as we could to see them before they take off to California on June 16th for their vacation.

Mozart was hooting and hollering with delight when we pulled into our favorite Barcelona Resort Campground and has planned a sleep over in her tent with her best friend here, so was even more happy to see and hug her dad.

chica rides a policia bike in Barcelona

We have never seen him in uniform and it was swell to meet his partner as well who also likes to travel. Mozart thought it was quite the honor to sit on the policia motorcycle and wear the helmut pretending she was the hero of the day!

A great thunderbolt delight after a long arduous drive with a few nerve-wracking mishaps along the way.

road trip spain beautiful scenery

The drive from southern Spain to Barcelona took longer than usual because we ran into some car trouble or should I say motorhome trouble. We had it checked before we left, but sometimes things happen, although we mainly are trouble free despite having an older motorhome.

granada mountains sierra nevada, spain

Luckily we had no problems in the Sierra Nevada mountains around Granada, but we started hearing some strange squeaking noises close to our scheduled stop the second night near Costa Blanca at our favorite spa. Not a bad way to spend an extra day while the RV was getting fixed, eh? My body enjoyed the extra soaking!

road trip spain means red poppies in may june

It was scary at first when we didn't know what the problem was or how we would solve it and trust me it is weird to be in a campsite without a tent or RV all day, but it is a beautiful and relaxing place to be and they have a lovely lounge and restaurant so that helped.

Best friends in Spain and fave dog

 All was solved easily at low costs, so we enjoyed the drive and scenery of green mountains, lush fields and red poppies in bloom every where. I hear Barcelona had some rain while we drove, but the sun is back now. Just as we watched the World Cup here, we'll enjoy the game this weekend as we are told Spain plays the USA.

Meanwhile Mozart will be in BFF heaven! Despite webcam calls, she has missed her sweet friend and we have all missed them all. She also loves their dog like no other and took a stuffed version with her ( that they gave her as a birthday present last fall)  all around the world.

Happy weekend all! What are your plans?

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Sharon Hurley Hall

Well, of course I rushed over here to read this post when I saw the title - very dramatic. What a lovely way to enjoy your return to Spain.


Sounds like you have great plans. Does your friend the policeman and his family LIVE in the campground? Or did you just meet them when they were staying there? I'd love to know someone who knows how to make paella! Yum. I am currently in your old stomping ground (Bay Area) and I'm heading home for a relaxing weekend with my family. I'd sure rather be camping in Spain! :) Have a good one.

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Ha! That is funny Sharon! It was very dramatic and quite shocking to us to see 2 motorcycle cops even in this campground and then pulling into our space when we were trying to unpack. LOL Quite surreal.

We told them we would be in Barcelona on Wednesday, but we were a day late because of the tire/brake problem. I have no idea how he timed it like that but it was a fun and dramatic return. ;)

jeanne @soultravelers3

No Anne, they live near by though. We did meet them when they were camped right across from us.

They sometimes do that to extend their holiday time. Many Spanish folks who live nearby here do the same and it is quite a popular spot on weekends for Spaniards to stay or have dinner here as it is quite a luxurious resort.

We see a lot of the same Spaniards every year. We also see a lot of the same folks from various countries...Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Sweden, GB, etc that either winter here every year or visit here yearly.

It's a huge place with lots of little "neighborhoods". ;) Many different style cottages, RV spots, tents etc.

Our friends do a lot of traveling and they own a caravan. It's quite easy for them to come here even when they are working or she is in school.

Since Mozart is blond and we have Netherlands plates on our RV, they were quite stunned that she spoke fluent Spanish when we first met.

Our conversations are all in Spanish, so I am left out a bit with my weak Spanish, but we make do and Mozart translates for us when ever we get stuck. LOL

Hope you had fun in the Bay area and have a great weekend!

The girls didn't last the whole night in the tent last night 4AM it started raining and they were cold, so we turned our table into a bed ( like we had to do when I hurt my arm) and let them sleep in the RV.

Sun is back this morn and they are enjoying hot chocolate and doughnuts. ;)

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