Cooking at Four Seasons Amman

June 06, 2011

cooking at Four Seasons Amman Jordan

Family travel is often about savoring fabulous food, but making chocolate chip cookies with an award winning chef and his staff in the huge deluxe pastry kitchen at the Four Seasons Amman was an awesome opportunity that our ten year old will never forget. OMG were they good to eat too and we have the recipe forever!

I will be writing more about our amazing three night sponsored Four Seasons stay in Jordan soon, but couldn't resist sharing this photo.They couldn't have picked a better surprise for our daughter. Mozart loves to bake, but alas our travel lifestyle means that we rarely have an oven.

Our motorhome in Europe doesn't have an oven and usually even our winter rentals in Spain or tropical Asia have not had ovens. You might remember that last Christmas in Asia we had to make our cookies in a toaster oven just two at a time.

This was a fun delight that we hadn't expected on our Jordan travels! Have you ever done cooking with a chef on your travels?

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Amy @LivinOnTheRoad

Peter and Susan love to cook, but they've never had the chance to cook with a chef on our travels. They try to cook as often as possible, and Peter loves to use the barbecue.

Mozart must have had a blast! I hope she had a great time.


What a wonderful opportunity for your daughter. I'm sure she will remember it forever.

Thanks for sharing.

Jeanne @soultravelers3

She really did have fun Amy and I think the chef and all his helpers really enjoyed it too. We all sure enjoyed eating them! LOL

Jeanne @soultravelers3

It really was Britt! She had a ball...wait until you see the adorable video hubs just made about it. Coming soon! ;)

Margaret Sch.

In all of Mozart's photos, she seems so focused and earnest about whatever she's doing -- one of her amazing qualities, being fully present wherever she is. Of course, she's being raised that way. This is a priceless photo.

jeanne @soultravelers3

Margaret - You always have the most interesting observations! They make me think. ;)

If it is something she enjoys or something she initiates she does indeed have great concentration and is very present.

She is an industrious type so likes to "do" for the most part. She even enjoys chores and cleaning up. Books are the only thing that gets her sitting still. ;)

BUT if it is an activity that she doesn't want to do..we've always had to work on mindfulness with her. ;)

She tends to do everything very slowing her down has been a repeated theme since birth. LOL

She loooves to cook, so she adored this. ;)

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