Delicious Dinner in Barcelona

June 13, 2011

dinner with friends in Barcelona

Where is the best meal in Barcelona? Is this the latest hot spot? I think it is at our friends house! So scrumptious that I am still dreaming about it and with the dearest of friends.

 One of the best things about family travel, especially long term famly travel, is making friends with locals. Not only is it very rewarding just for the friendship and personal connection, but it can also  give you much more insight to what is really happening in an area and how real locals live, so connects one deeper to the country and area.

We love this family that we happened to meet while camping in Barcelona. It is common for local Spaniards to come stay at this resort, especially on weekends. They happened to once camp with their caravan right across from us and we have children the same age. Voila! They were a little suprised that our little blondie (with Holland license plates on her motorhome)  was fluent in Spanish, but the rest is history and we have all been fast friends since.

We both have a passion for travel and they are the sweetest and most generous people. Our daughters are best friends now ( key to long term travel with kids), we stay in touch regularly via webcam calls ( showed them our views in Tahiti , Santa Cruz and Penang)  and they even surprised on our arrival to Barcelona this year.

We knew he made the best paella in Barcelona, but they out did themselves with this meal as well. Like our Spanish friends that lived in Malaga, they have a beautiful and spotless home. ( I never have a spotless home unless company is coming or I am selling it, so that always impresses me, but DaVinci's sister is also like this so perhaps it is a Spanish trait).

We had tortilla de patatas for an appetiser which is one of my favorite Spanish dishes despite it's simplicity. Oh and the way he made the clam appetisers was so delicious. DaVinci made up a recipe for sushi for the road and we shared it with them last summer, so it was funny to see he was now an expert at making his own sushi. We had wonderful Spanish cheeses, and steak , more ...and cava of course.

They only speak Spanish and my Spanish is very poor, but some how we make it work. Mozart translates when we get stuck, but mostly we mangage, thanks to their patience and a little charades sometimes. I know a lot of words in Spanish, I am just not that good at putting them together. DaVinci is weak in Spanish too, but much better than me, so that helps.

We have loved Barcelona for a long time, and have been here over 14 times on our world tour,  but having these very precious friends here makes it even more special for us.

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Amy @LivinOnTheRoad

The people you meet along the way make the trip. We've met some of the most amazing people.
We've been invited to see the local park ranger, on tours of opal mines, out to dinner, and even better we were invited over for hot baths one night (we travel in RV, so this was pure luxury).


How about sharing that special Da Vinci's on-the-go sushi recipe ;-)

How nice that you make the effort to keep in contact with the friends you meet on the road while carrying on with your journey...

Jeanne @soultravelers3

That is so true Amy! We've met so many fantastic people on the road and through our blog and have had amazing opportunities.

So cool!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

We must get that post up Gabrielle..we have photos, I just haven't gotten it up yet.

We also did one and video about his famous brunch that he makes for us around the world. ;)

The problem is we have more experiences than I have time to write about them all.

Slowly but surely I get things up. ;)

People really do make the journey and we have met the most wonderful and generous folks.

Our Barcelona friends are off on a vacation of their own now to California, so we will miss them.

I will send them to my Mom to say hi! ;)

Molly Hyde Caroom

I am trying to reach you and not sure you are receiving my emails. Both time I tried to write you my computer dropped my note! I would love to let you know how we LOVE your site and reference it often when planning our travels in Europe! In case you got our email(s), I won't go into great detail again but I would love to write you off the blog site if you would send us an email address where I can send you a supportive fan letter.
We are also a homeschooling family and we currently live in Germany (we also lived in Japan for 3 years).
What prompted me to write you was we are planning a trip to Barcelona and you said you would share information privately to keep it special! We LOVE to hear this since this is the sort of place/experienc we love. If you would share that information, we would be so very grateful!
It is always wonderful to meet like minded people and we prepare all the time for when my husband can retire and we enjoy you in a nomad life! If you ever find yourself in the northwest of France or southwest of Germany, please let us know!
Thanks for all your great blogging and travels!
Molly Hyde-Caroom

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Hi Molly, I am so sorry, I don't think I got your emails. I do get swamped with emails though, so perhaps it did come and I missed it. Too many come in for me to handle them all.

Did you write to me via the contact page on this blog? That is the best way. It goes direct to our email account.

Please try again and I will look out for it. If I don't get to emails right away,they soon get drowned by all the new ones and I can't spend all day on email, so just do the best I can.

If you write when we are traveling, it is even more likely to be missed as I am often overwhelmed after we've been unplugged.

Sorry, it is just one me. ;)

Thanks for your kind words and invitation!

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