Taj Tashi Thimpu, Bhutan 5 Star Hotel Thrills!

July 20, 2011


Taj Tashi Thimpu in Bhutan at dawn

Going to exotic, magical Bhutan? Don't miss this magnificent, enchanting  hotel, the Taj Tashi Thimpu!

As we flew (on one of the only two Bhutanese planes of Druk Air) into this last Shangri-la over Mount Everest into the lush, green Eastern snow-capped Himalayas we knew immediately that we had entered into a fantasy fairytale, exclusive and rarely seen destination.

Due to the mountainous terrain, one can not even see the runway until you are almost on it. Even the airport was like no other in this world and we delighted in the colorful, hand-painted architecture, pristine nature and unique traditional dress that is Bhutan.

our room at the Taj Tashi in Thimpu Bhutan

The beautiful five star Taj Tashi Thimpu  (number 1 on Trip Advisor for Thimpu) was our first stop in Bhutan and I think it is the perfect place to begin a trip to Bhutan.

Some people do their whole Bhutan vacation based here in the heart of this small capital city. The 66 elegant rooms are gorgeous with heated floor bathrooms, high ceilings, lacquered wood floors, and the building is built in the traditional Bhutanese style with swirling dragons.

The views are breathtaking of the mountains that surround Thimpu valley and the  service is impeccable. We were greeted upon arrival with silk scarves, then presented with traditional healing tea and warm towels.

Bhutan monk

What was really special is they had a young Bhutanese Buddhist monk do a blessing ritual for our jouney into Bhutan, wishing us a safe journey and using incense, holy water and a yellow string to tie around our wrists for protection. It was very touching and sets the stage for this sacred land of prayer and spirit.

Bhutan Buddhist blessing at Taj Tashi

We had a fantastic lunch in the hotel with both delicious Indian and Bhutanese dishes. The chef was especially gracious and helpful to me as I had a lot of special needs at that time due to digestive problems that I some how picked up in Penang. Our ten year old went crazy over this amazing chocolate dessert!

Taj Tashi chocolate dessert

The location of the hotel is excellent and convenient. You have views of the mountains, but one is in the center of the largest city in Bhutan ( which still seems like a small town with no towers like one usually sees in Asia) so one can just cross the street to buy handicrafts, change money at a bank, buy stamps at the post office.

Tigers Nest in Bhutan

The amazing Thimpu markets are close by and one is also near by Paro, the airport and the famous Tiger's Nest, with excellent roads in this area.  One can even do a trek on foot through the wilderness over four days from Paro and then luxuriate in this hotel.

Taz Tashi Thimpu Bhutan Outdoor Deck

Every evening they have a bonfire near the prayer wheel where we did the blessing ritual and indigenous Bhutanese do dances and songs similar to what is done during the festivals, like a mini- tsechu.

Taj Tashi Outdoor Bonfire Bhutan

We at Soultravelers3 are very proud to be the first travel bloggers to be hosted by the Tourism Council of  Bhutan and our stay here was sponsored by them and this Taj Hotel. We were very happy to meet Mr. Bikramjit S. Bhangoo who is the assistant Sales Manager at the Taj Tashi Thimpu and he and his staff made our stay there an exciting and comfortable way to arrive in Bhutan.

It was our first stay at a Taj Hotel and if they are all as wonderful as the Taj Tashi Thimpu, we are really looking forward to experiencing more! Have you been to Bhutan or a Taj Hotel?

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Camels & Chocolate

WOW. Who knew Bhutan boasted such glitz and glamour??

Jeanne @soultravelers3

C&C- Yes, it is a country of contrasts for sure. We stayed at several 5 star hotels there and also some more basic ones.

But there are no towers, as even the luxury ones like this keep to Bhutan traditions and architecture.

It's adventure travel, but they also focus on high end travel so also have lots of luxury for those who want that.


Yes! The Taj Tashi is fabulous, and how wonderful that they've hosted your family visit to Bhutan! And yes, the other Taj hotels certainly match up. I've been quite blessed in my work to have stayed at several. But oh, how I long to return to Bhutan already! And to the Taj Tashi for the delightful chocolate treat they leave at turn down - one of the best ever!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Kymri - Lucky you! I so hear you on missing Bhutan already ;)

I am looking forward to checking out the other Taj hotels if they are as lovely as the Taj Tashi. We will be going to India this year where they have many!

Loved all the attention to detail there. Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself so much too. Bhutan is really a fabulous destination for families...kidlet loved it here too. ;)

Nomadic Samuel

The hotel looks fantastic. I like that it retains some traditional aspects. I loved the accompanying photos - the one of the prayer flags is beautifully composed.


My God!!! Stunning!

kim/hormone-colored days

wow, thus looks amazing. thanks for sharing

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