Paris Travel With Kids

August 05, 2011

Paris with kids best tips for perfect day

Having spent many months with repeat visits to Paris as a family, I will have to do a Paris family travel guide soon, but this photo says it all, doesn't it? What could be better on a beautiful summer day in Paris than renting a hand made boat and playing in a gorgeous park near the Louvre?  It reminds me of a living painting.

I've written many Paris stories about Madeline, Linea & d'Orsay, Mozart's 6th at the Eiffel Tower,  doing 3 Museums in a day  and more like Giverny - Monet's Garden, Paris Chocolate & Arc de Triumph, and Sacre Couer & Montmarte  from our first Parisien visit when our daughter was 5 and 6.

As well as finding wifi in Paris, celebrating in Paris and Notre Dame from our long Paris visit last summer when she was almost 10.  I love comparing our fist family visit to Notre Dame with our recent one and found it so valuable to do repeat extended visits to Paris with a child. Just look through our France archive for more blog posts about Paris and France.

So many more stories and tips to tell about Paris and lovely photos and videos coming. What would you most like to know or see?


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I just love your blog and I frequently fantasize about selling everything and taking off. However, this isn't a reality for us at this time.

After having an exchange student from Paris for a month, my children are busy learning French so we can visit Paris in the next year. I need to go through and read your archived blogs about Paris. Quick question, have you ever rented a flat for a month or so? How difficult will it be for me to do this? I'm thinking of a 4-6 week trip and it will be our first outside of the continental United States.

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Jennifer- thanks so much for your kind words...always great hearing that people are enjoying our blog!

We haven't rented for a month or so, but I think it is a great idea. We have a RV so that is our home when we are in Paris.

I would try to do it off season, but perhaps August would be good too as many Parisians are out of town then.

If you do it outside of central Paris it should be MUCH cheaper and the mass transit there is so great, it is easy to do.

We stayed in Maison-Lafitte campsite last summer and I thought that area was a good place to get a flat. You get small town charm, but easy train into town with the commuters.

It's very easy to find a long term flat and I would negotiate price for the longer stay. Maybe look to forums like Fodors or Slow Travel for more advice from those who have done that.

Perhaps also connect with couchsurfing folks to meet up with locals.

Good luck! You will love it.


I spent an entire year as an 18 year old in Paris. When I arrived, I was able to stay with my aunt's friends and the memories are wonderful. My favorite memories, though, were when I was alone meandering through the small streets and discovering new shops, new sites to see. Enjoy your stay, it is such a magical city.

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Catherine- That sounds like a wonderful experience! Lucky you!!

I first went to Paris when I was 20, so I can relate! It is a magical city and I am so happy that my child has gotten to know it well. She wants to learn French, so that will make it even easier for her soon. ;)

Paris Travel

Very nice post you share with us.Paris is really awesome place.There are many attractions in Paris .I have heard several time about beauty of Paris but I never been in Paris till now.I feel really sad I am dying to visit Paris.This winter I am Planning for Paris Tour and this time I will definitely visit Paris.


wonderful post, i wish you still posted the longer more personal posts with more pictures like the paris stories you shared when mozart was 6!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Thanks for the feedback Sara! It is actually very difficult to blog while traveling...just trying to stay up with all the photos we take is a full time job. Internet is often very slow and frustrating as well.

So I do what I can, few blogs are as old as it's been a long time doing this.

The biggest stress of our family world trip is the I have to find ways to do it that doesn't eat up all my time. It's a labor of love and we don't make hardly any money for all this hard work.

Thus I do a variety of posts now, some long and many photos, some shorter. Right now I am sick and we are traveling so there will be more shorter posts and I will do more longer posts when we are more stable. I post ahead so I have time to live! ;)

We have sooo many experiences and sooo many photos and stories that I have only been able to tell and show about 1% of it.

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