Sand Art in Jordan

August 10, 2011

Sand art in Jordan

One of the joys of family travel in Jordan is deciding what to bring home to be a reminder of this special place. Our daughter just loved the sand art in Jordan, so of course we had to buy one as a souvenir.

She bought one in a teeny tiny bottle in Petra after watching them make some.  They really are fascinating, creative and beautiful. They say this craft began in Petra in the 1920's or earlier inspired by the many colorful shades of rock there.

Do you like to watch local craft makers like we do when you travel?


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Shannon Anicas

When traveling anywhere I love seeking out local artisans. I also like to spend my souvenir money at local makers vs the bigger stores. I am not sure if they get to keep much of the money I pay but at least I am trying to support the locals vs the corporate giants.

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