International Kids: Water Fun European style

September 12, 2011

kids summer water fun camping in Europe

Pools, water slides, water balloons, surfing, water guns, fountains and beaches galore.... just all part of the fun while camping in Europe! What could be more fun on a hot summer day? It was an international group of boys and girls, the week our friends from Sweden visited us in Barcelona.

We're not usually at this family beach resort in high season Europe, ( to avoid crowds and high prices) but we made an exception this summer so that we could vacation with friends from Sweden. That week Mozart played mostly with her two Swedish "brothers" and three Belgium boys that we camped near by ( you can see one in the background).

We were in our motorhome, our Swedish friends flew in  and stayed in a cottage and the Belgium family drove down and stayed in a big tent.

They  spoke three different languages, but all the boys were learning some English in school so got to practice some of it and made due with charades when necessary. Of course, the language of "Water fun" needs no translation.

I will be writing more about our time together as we had so much fun, but couldn't resist getting this joyful photo up on the blog. What water fun did you have this summer?


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Well, the best here, of course, is doing songran (Thai news years), which is national water fighting week. Everyone in the city goes down to a central location and has a water fight all day long for at least two days. Its pretty dangerous if your not using wisdom, though. But I have to admit I like it better than Christmas.

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Love it Marlana! Even the Thai kids at kidlet's Mandarin school in Asia love that holiday and celebrate it in Penang. ;)

Mikayla B

Love it!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Thanks Mikayla! They had a ball!! I love it here now in quiet September, but I actually quite enjoyed being here in high season and glad we got to experience that too as we are usually here just in June and September.

It's packed with kids in summer and she got to use her Spanish so much, and made a tons of friends from around the world. Connected with many she has known for 5 years and met new ones like these Belgium boys.

Was a blast to be able to spend this time with our Swedish friends who we have missed and this is a perfect spot for families.


Global citizens unite!!! Love the pic! Thailand has songkran but that already passed; it's a big water fight. It gets a little crazy though!

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