Moorea Cheap And Amazing!

September 28, 2011

Moorea travel bliss

We loved our time in French Polynesia and easily stayed on our $23/day per person budget by couchsurfing in Moorea, Bora Bora and Tahiti with some truly wonderful people. This photo was taken in Moorea as our ten year old walked to the local market at the bottom of this hill just like the native kids do. The traditional home we stayed in was at the very top with spectacular views.

She was probably picking up some fresh French baggettes, French butter and the most delicious Tahitian mango jam. This was our typical breakfast and my mouth waters at the thought of it as that was the best jam I have ever eaten and I normally don't even like jam. Yum ,my fave breakfast and we found it easy to adapt to tropical  island life. Moorea is a hard place to leave.

We would like to do a long stay in Moorea at some point in a rental and we discovered that living like a local that one could stay here quite cheaply. Our couchsurfing host was a couple and she was French and he a local Tahitian. In Bora Bora we stayed with a French Vetinarian and in Papette a woman from the south of France. We did our first hitchhiking as a family  in Moorea and went with our hosts to her weekly Tahitian dance class.

Since we had also recently been to Kauai, Hawaii and New Zealand was our next stop after French Polynesia, we fell in love with fascinating south sea native cultures. It is rare in Tahitian culture for outsiders to be invited to stay in their homes, so we feel very blessed to have had that connection and met many Tahitians and learned about the culture through our host in Moorea and will be writing more about that.

Have you been to Moorea or Bora Bora yet? If not, put them on top of your bucket list and think long stay.

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FreshCruiser (Abby)

I love Moorea too! So interesting about your budget as things can be very expensive there! And love how you lived like localts! Did you mostly cook for dinner?


Isn't it great Abby? We did cook many of our meals and we also went out some ( locals told us where for best food and prices) and we even ordered some food in ( again thanks to locals as to where).


BTW our host in Moorea was a great French cook and her Tahitian husband was also a great cook, so they spoiled us with their home cooking which was special too!

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