Norway Budget Travel

September 21, 2011

enjoying norway fjords on a budget

Can expensive, beautiful Norway be traveled to on a very low budget like ours? Absolutely! We've been traveling the world for going on 6 years now on just $23/day per person to 43 countries on 5 continents and that includes some of the world's most expensive destinations like Norway and Bora Bora on a very tight budget. If there is a will, there is always a way.

National Geographic has listed the Norwegian fjords as the world's top tourist attraction and they should not be missed. We loved the Fjords, famous Flam and Bergen Railway and breathtaking scenery while doing Norway in a Nutshell on a bargain budget.

The top secret to doing Norway cheaply is doing it quickly and much can be seen in a short amount of time. We stayed at a campground in Oslo and the fantastic bus, train, and ferry connections between Oslo and  Norway's stunning, pristine fjord country make this easy to do.

We also stayed at a beautiful hostel in Norway's  fjord country which was a treat for the whole family, including the organic food and sauna. There are cheap flight into Oslo from many places in Europe, but we had arrived after an extended stay with friends in Sweden.

Enjoy the many free things too while there like just wandering about, Nobel Peace Prize location, enchanting Bergen, tasting smoked whale at the fish markets and soaking in the beauty like Mozart is doing in the lead photo.

September is a great time to go! Have you been or is Norway on your list?

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I have not considered Norway because of time's sake, but wow, gorgeous yes!!! Maybe I should.

Three of us are traveling Europe next year (June, July, August), and there's too many choices. If anyone has top favorites (aka, if your only going to Europe once, what countries are most important to you or your family?), let me know. I also know its not worth rushing things. I'd rather see Germany well than just see it for two days, for example.

Right now I was thinking Scotland and Ireland; France and Germany; Italy, Greece, and maybe, maybe go on to Romania...I know August gets into high season, and I don't like crowds, so not sure where I should be "hiding" during that time. I would like to add Switzerland, but I know its mountains and not easy travel.

Anyway, this post got me thinking. If anyone has favorites, let me know.

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