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September 23, 2011

Himalaya travel Bhutan breathtaking vista

Himalayas..the very name is evocative. Bhutan, land of the thunder dragon, is the last Himalayan kingdom, a Buddhist country with unique culture, exotic sacred architecture, biodiversity  and incredible beauty  like no other place on earth.

This breathtaking Bhutan vista photo was taken as we drove the one road of the country, ( they've only had a road since the 1960's)  deep into Eastern Bhutan, the most isolated and sacred part ( and an arduous, slow journey).

Many people have never even heard of Bhutan, although it is a often a coveted destination for avid world travelers due to it's uniqueness. We still have much to share about our recent vacation in Bhutan and very proud to be the first travel bloggers to be invited there by the Tourism Council of Bhutan. We were invited out of the blue and it's a place we might have missed on our world tour, so we are very grateful we didn't. Funny how life leads one where you need to be.

We are happily haunted by our heavenly memories there and think Bhutan is an amazing place for family travel or trekking the Tiger's Nest or learning about a very different way of life. Bhutan has only been open to the world since the 1970's and one can not help wonder how it will change. I'd love to go back some day and experience more of it.

A very long time ago someone told me that I had spent time in the angelic kingdom in the Himalayas, and I never thought about that again as I wasn't even sure what that meant. I never thought I'd see these mountains, but it came to mind again with this visit.

I have been reading lots about Bhutan since our visit, thinking about the sweet people we met there. Did you know that if you want to see Bhutanese architecture in the USA you can in El Paso, Texas? Here are a few posts I've written about this Himalayan paradise and fairy tale place.

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Bhutan Vacation: Facts and Myths

Taj Tashi

When I get back to Asia I will be writing more and have tons of photos and video to share. What kinds of things would you like to know about Bhutan?

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I heard of Bhutan before I read your blog. Northern Thailand is the hills of Himalayas though known by a different name, so I natural am intrigued by the mountains and have always wanted to go see the real beauty of them. Maybe in a couple years I'll make it there. Look forward to hearing more.

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Bhutan is quite a special place and very different Marlana. I will be writing much more about it this winter when I have more time.

travel bhutan

great post.If someone list a best country to visit then dont forget to list Bhutan. the Bhutan can provide you recreation of all sorts cultural, sports, peace and relaxation away from the mayhem of your lives.

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