Celebrating Kid's Birthdays While Traveling

October 07, 2011

Birthday celebratioins in Europe

Have you ever celebrated a birthday abroad? Since we live a lifestyle of non-stop family travel, our child has had some amazing travel birthday celebrations starting at 5 with her good bye pajama party in 2006 at a hotel. We even helped her identify exactly what world travel was by planning her 6th birthday in Paris before we left. Who knew we were starting a trend? A permanent vacation life has many perks.

She celebrated her 7th birthday in Salazburg, ( and Dalmation coast)  her 8th birthday in Stockholm, her 9th birthday in London, her 10th birthday in Barcelona and very recently her 11th birthday at Harry Potter's Wizarding World at Universal in Orlando Florida that I will be writing  about soon!

Because friends are  important with travel for a kid, she also sometimes gets several celebrations. Like she did in southern Spain, since we were never there on her birthday and before we left Barcelona this year she had a wonderful celebration with her best friend there. ( As you can see in this photo). We've had a few celebrations in Paris, but with our lifestyle, every day often feels like a celebration, so it takea  little imagination to add a special flair.

She conned me into making another treasure hunt for them around our huge campsite and we all enjoyed a take out dinner together. She lucked out like a bandit with gifts from her friend ( she gave her some too), from our German friends here, her teen age Dutch buddy councilor  from the kids club and free ice cream for both of them from the guy who runs the snack bar.

Have you ever celebrated a birthday on the road? How do you celebrate birthdays while traveling with kids?

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Chaya Shepard

We were lucky, for Petra's first birthday, her grandmother and uncle flew to Guatemala from the US to celebrate with her. We had a fun little party with the workers at the hotel we were working at and their children. She even had a pinata. We celebrated her second birthday in Maine while we were visiting family, and again on her actual birthday in Bogota with pink cake.


yeah but not a different place every year like that. Lol. But Thailand birthdays can be very fun. Riding elephants and such adventures. My birthday is next week, and I'm teaching a bunch of Thais how to make a cake. Fun times!!


The day before my sixth birthday my parents woke us up like any other day but instead of going to school we packed and went to Disney World. Best. Birthday. EVER!

I had a twin brother and my sister two years older had her bday three days later, so my parents used the coincidence to stage stuff like trips to Florida, but it goes without saying that nothing could ever top that one. :)


A birthday on the road is like no other, memorable for unusual locations, unusual gifts and sometimes strange party food. We've had many on our biking adventures together and faced many a challenge in fitting presents and cakes into panniers. But birthdays at home are a great excuse for impromptu mini adventures too - doing something different right on your doorstep.

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