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October 19, 2011

London bridge a must for London family vacation


If you do family travel then you can't go to London and miss the iconic Tower Bridge which every kid is curious about because of that famous childhood song  "London Bridges falling down".

Since we started our family travel lifestyle, we have been to London three times and will probably go many more times. I've been there over twenty times and always disover new things. There is always more to see in London and it's one of our favorite cities, plus we have dear friends that live there. Last visit to London, we were interviewed by the BBC on social media, so that was quite a thrill.

One of the fantastic things for family friendly travel when visiting London with kids is the FREE museums. We also loved seeing a world class play at the Globe Theater for free. Last time we stayed at this best budget hotel in London and we've done a short term  rental apartment there as well as camping London for long stays.

What are your favorite places in London?

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Now the London bridge is one place I have been!!

My favorite place in London is West Minster Abby, no question. Something about seeing Alfred Tennyson's grave right there as well as others. I could easily spend two days there.

I love the globe theater as well. I loved standing up and watching like a peasant. So pleasant.

I love the rich history. The world war II museum, Charles' Dicken's house (have you been there?), of course the British Museum, and the beautiful parks and the river Tymes! William Blake's art work is there, and I wrote my thesis on him, so naturally a favorite of mine. And something about reading the poets in places that inspired them! I would stroll around with my poems! I'm not a big city person, but I'm glad I spent several days in London.

There are places in England that I haven't explored, and hope to some day.

Jeanne Soultravelers3

I hear ya Marlana and do love London too and despite being there many times over several decades, often for pretty long stays, there are places we haven't been to yet.

You really saw a lot for a few days there Marlana..I still haven't seen the Charles Dicken's house and he was the one who really got me hooked on books as a kid, so I am a huge fan.

Love the English country side as well, so don't miss the Cottswolds and Lake District the next time you have a chance...two of our favorite areas.


Tower Bridge is not "London Bridge," and the song is "London Bridge is Falling Down" -- only one bridge. There are various theories about which bridge, but, well, it's not there any more...because it fell down. ;)

London Bridge is one bridge upstream from Tower Bridge, and then there's also the London Bridge that ended up in Lake Havasu City, AZ. ;)


My favourite place in London was the London Tower, especially seeing the displays they have on how it has evolved over time. And of course the British Museum!!

Tiny point of London geekery though; the bridge in your photo is actually Tower Bridge. London Bridge is actually the next bridge upstream! Incidentally, that London Bridge isn't even the original - the original was sold to an American buisnessman and now actually resides in Arizona. A little bit of quirky trivia ;)


Jeanne @soultravelers3

Hey Linda, thanks.

So true! These bridges are often confused and we have been on both of course, but this one is the one that I think appeals most to kids and is an iconic London site.

So many great bridges in London!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Thanks Lindsey,

The Brits are keeping me on track here. ;) "Favourite" gave you away as that spelling comes up as misspelled on my spell check. LOL

Like so many foreigners I do get the Tower Bridge and the London Bridge confused, despite having been to and over both many times.

Now I think I have it clear and I hope to someday see that one in Arizona. ;)

The museums in London are amazing!! I never tire of that city, especially when one finds it during a sunny patch! ;)

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