Beautiful Sunrises and Sunsets!

November 04, 2011

beautiful sunset

As we've traveled the world, we have seen some amazing sunrise and sunsets and shared many with you like at the  Louvre in Paris, our winter home in Spain, famed sunsets in Santorini, Greece, on our anniversary in Dubrovnik, with family in Marbella at the beach, Bora Bora, sailing the Turquoise Coast in Turkey, our beach in Spain, with my mom in Penang, Opera House in Sydney, and our beach rental in California to name a few.

I loved this sunset in Pensacola, Florida that I took in September while Mozart and her dad were buidling a sand castle in the pure white sand. It was an important location for me on our road trip to Florida because it was a place that I use to vacation at when I was a kid, making my own sand castles. It was thrilling to share these memories with my own family.

Almost every morning now,  we get to watch the sunrise here in California at my Mother's house near the sea and surrounded by redwoods and flowers. It's a fabulous way to start the day, although I must admit it plays some havoc as the windowed dining room where we see it best is also where we have set up our 3 computers, so hard to use during the rising. Yesterday we had to improvise and move her piano upstairs to our bedroom so we could see her instructor via webcam.

beach sunrise

Nevertheless, I don't think there has ever been a sunset or sunrise that we have experienced that didn't bring up feelings of awe and gratitude. So many places claim to be the most beautiful place in the world for sunsets, but I love them all. Do you have a favorite  sunset or sunrise place?


"It's almost impossible to watch a sunset and not dream." Williams

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I agree with you. I love them all!!! It may be a different spot in the earth, but its all the same sun. And something so comforting about watching the sun set while knowing its rising somewhere else1!!

Jeanne Soultravelers3

Hard not to love them all, eh Marlana? Good minds think alike. LOL


My favorite sunrise is outside my kitchen window, out over the hills. It makes me stop every morning and just look in awe at how lucky I am.

Jeanne Soultravelers3

Oh I hear ya Sarah! I get that feeling here every morning and remember it in Penang where we had glorious sunrises over that sea of a different sort and the red sunsets from my kitchen window in our little village in Spain for 4 winters or the ones in Barcelona on my morning walk by the sea or in the pool in the evening.

There is something special about those repeated blessings of a place one calls home ( or in our

Global Basecamps

Beautiful pictures! It's hard to pick my favorite sunrise, but Hawaii would have to come in as number 1. A little cliche, but it's just stuck in my photo memory forever!

Jeanne Soultravelers3

Oh yeah, GB, I get that! We saw some amazing sunsets and sunrises in Hawaii. One of these days I will have to collect all my great sunrise and sunset photos and put them in posts. Bora Bora is amazing too and one of the world's most spectacular from a plane and leaving that at sunset from the air was a top memory. I never tire of a good sunrise or sunset. ;)


Love the first shot, and totally remember my first sunset in Greece.. it is the place to visit for sunsets!


I live in Southern Indiana and I love watching the sun rise over our pond and seeing the reflection on the water. It looks a little different every day so I end up taking lots of pictures. Yesterday morning I looked out the kitchen window and gasped, it was so beautiful. By the time I got my shoes and jacket on and grabbed my camera, it had changed. :( Still I feel pretty blessed to get to see it every day.

Jeanne soultravelers3

Thanks Charu! Yes, indeed, we saw many beautiful sunsets and sunrises in Greece!

Jeanne soultravelers3

Aw, sweet Jo! Ha and boy can I relate to a sunset and photo disappearing before I catch it! ;)


Another day, another sunset. I only have one memorable one, but I cannot tell you which. It's location is stamped top secred by the army.

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