Dramatic Paris

November 07, 2011

dramatic paris photo

Paris, "The City of Light, ( La Ville-Lumiere) is amazing when the sun is out and the temperature is just right and we've been blessed to experience it many times at it's best. Sublime. But like London and most of northern Europe, it's not known for it's great weather.

We've frozen in both London and Paris in July and August where we could have sworn it was winter and one can usually feel the big difference in weather when you drive up from Provence and you hit a certain point where the sun disappears.

Nevertheless, Paris can be charming in rain, clouds and bad weather as this dramatic photo shows. I love the sunny days best, but I find it always a pleasure to just walk around this beautiful city no matter what the weather hands us.

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What is your favorite weather in Paris or do you love it all? Do you know where this photo was taken?

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D Murphy

Sunny weather is definately my favourite, i just can't muster up the same enthusiasm when its wet, cold and miserable:( Is that the Pegasus statue outside the Louvre?

Jeanne soultravelers3

I hear ya D, hard to be gorgeous sunshine in any place. Too much rain or bad weather can dampen the joy of any place...most especially if one is traveling by motorhome and doing lots of walking. We've been known to cut our visits short with bad weather as we've become too spoiled by good weather. Still, we've managed to have fun in both Paris and London when we have been confronted with less than ideal weather. ;) This photo was taken in August, but luckily we had some sunny moments during that month and it did not rain all day every day. That said, it was nice to get back to the sunny days of the south of France. ;)


So going to be in Europe next year from first week of June to around the first week of September. Weather tips. Is it better to start at the top of Europe and work the way down, or the bottom up? In other words, is it colder in Northern Europe in June or late August?

Jeanne Soultravelers3

Those are the best months for weather in Europe Marlana, but Northern Europe is hard to predict. We have OFTEN run into horrible weather ( cold, rainy) during those months.

Last summer in Barcelona, all of the northern Europeans were complaining about their summer weather...something like 40 days in a row of rain, cold and ugly. They were so joyful to be in the sun of Barcelona.

That said, I have known some who have sweltered in Paris in August. So it is hard to predict.

Ireland and UK will most likely be horrible in July and August...the July/August we spent was colder and rainier than winter in southern Spain. Sometimes May and Sept are good months in the actually can see the sun and it is a delight!

Suddenly we understood why they seem so sun starved and why they come to Southern Spain in those months when it is unbearable hot even for the Spaniards.

Unfortunately, we've found northern Europe bad in June and late August so I don't know what to tell you except be prepared for bad weather.

BUT you might get lucky too. ;)If it is a mix, it's not bad ( do inside stuff on the bad days, dress appropriately) but the day after day of cold/rain/dreary is what gets to one.

If you hit that pattern maybe have a plan B a dash southward. ;)

Also you may be more sensitive to the cold. I know our friend from Penang was SHOCKED at how cold northern Europe was this past summer. Bring warm clothes and rain gear if you are spending much time there.

You will be fine and hot in places like Greece, Spain, Provence etc during those months, but even they might be a bit colder/rainier in June and September. Just be prepared and hope for the best!


thank you. I'll just hope for the best, and I'm a slow traveler, so will take whatever I get.

Northern Thailand is definitely cooler than Penang. Actually, I'm going camping on the highest mountain in Thailand tomorrow, and it will drop to at least 40 degrees F there, so I do taste a little cold weather. So I look forward to shivering in Europe since I only get to shiver at night here (and that's a fully three months of the year).

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