Soultravelers3 Digital Nomad Family on Fox TV

November 11, 2011

soultravelers3 on Fox TV


Who would have guessed that Soultravelers3 would be featured on Fox News? It was never part of our plan any more than our Soultravelers3 feature interview on BBC TV about travel and social media or our digital nomad interview in the New York Times. I am still amazed how these things come to us out of the blue. What a fabulous surprise for our Florida road trip!

If you missed it here is the link and embed video:

Digital nomad family:

All three of these interview requests came to us via Twitter ( private direct mail). I've known @SavvyBabii on Twitter for a while and her daughter @MegaMediaGrl is a producer at Fox News, so voila! That's part of the magic of social media and the back channels of things like Twitter and Facebook that bring opportunities and great win-win connections, besides just being fun!

Soultravelers3 on Fox Morning Show

They were as sweet in person as they are online and we really enjoyed the anchors and all the folks we met there.What a fabulous "world school" educational moment for Mozart as well, since she got to see the insides of a TV news studio and do live TV.

FOX TV directors room

Soultravelers3 waiting to go on Fox News live!

Fox News TV studio

huge TV station satellites

From seeing the huge satellites outside, to the director's room, to being miked, visiting the makeup room, to seeing how it all works in detail in person, this is all pretty exciting stuff for a kid. Heck, for each of us.

  It's true, she was on local TV in California for violin when she was little before we left to tour the world, she has been filmed for Japanese TV in Croatia, as well as a different BBC TV feature and has gained Youtube stardom with viral videos,  but this was her first "live" TV interview. Funny, but we were recently in Jordan and being able to perform on TV as an news anchor was her favorite part of the Children's Museum there, so this was an extension to all of these "world school" opportunities.

For one very ordinary family that has never sent out one press release, nor ever expected this attention, it's been a very extraordinary journey in so many ways. Without realizing it, Mozart couldn't have said a better answer than Harry Potter's Wizarding World in Orlando, but we had just spent the day before there and she is a fanatic HP fan who has been counting down this visit for a year. Perfect icing on the 11th birthday cake!

Have you ever been on "live" TV?


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Congrats!!! Maybe because you have a polite, family blog, and your daughter speaks three language? I call that news worthy!

You know, they say if you want to be on TV, don't watch TV. Maybe your daughter is living up to that one!

Jeanne soultravelers3

Aw, thanks Marlana! Well, I know we have a very unique story, but still, these things always amaze me.

I am grateful that just by being us that we have been able to inspire people.

My passion is to let other families know that this is easier, cheaper and more enriching than most know.

As you well know, travel does not have to be expensive, but most think one has to be super rich to travel.


$69 per day does that include the upfront cost of your RV or just the day to day costs?

Marina K. Villatoro

This is so great! I've been following you guys for ages. but we are about to make a huge move AGAIN this time to Chile, which is way more expensive then our lives in Central America and I'm readig all your tips for living large on a small budget!!!

keep up the great work.

wandering educators

yahoo!! and brava, for having such a fun and great interview. happy birthday, mozart!


Congratulations guys! Super, super stoked for you.


How fun!

I was interviewed briefly on Brazilian TV when I was helping out with a social project involving capoeira (an Afro-Brazilian martial art/dance).

However, I remember being annoyed that they "spun" the rest of the feature to make me seem like the "clueless gringa" - they interviewed Brazilians in the program who had less capoeira experience than me, saying "Because she's a foreigner, we need to teach her everything step by step from the beginning."

Oh well :-p still a good experience!

Jeff McCombs

Great interview!

Jeanne soultravelers3

John- that includes EVERYTHING from every day expenses to piano and violin lessons, private Mandarin school, insurance, medical and dental costs including my week in the hospital, storing our RV, home rental places etc etc.

BUT we did buy our RV the year before we left, so that is not included in the costs as we began tracking costs from the year we 2006.

Jeanne soultravelers3

Marina - Thanks for following us and glad we have great tips for you. Good luck on your new location...sounds fantastic! I am sure you will find a way to keep costs down and live like a native. ;)

Jeanne soultravelers3

Jessie and Lola...Aw both are just too sweet!!

Jeanne soultravelers3

Funny story Shayna! It's true, one never knows how things will end up on a TV interview or media. ;)

Jeanne soultravelers3

Thanks so much Jeff!

Mikayla B

Loved seeing you guys on TV

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