Beautiful Doors And Travel

January 30, 2012

beautiful doors in travel

One of the joys of wandering the streets of a foreign land, is taking in the unique architecture and I have endless photos of beautiful doors from our travels. I could do a whole series just from the beautiful doors in our little white village in Spain where we wintered for four years. Europe is especially rich with beautiful doors, but we've also loved them in Asia and almost every country and continent we have visited.

Perhaps because we have built a house with beautiful hand-made doors or because DaVinci just had a dream about doors, this photo caught my eye. I think it was taken in Spain but not in our village ( I'd have to track it back to know exactly where and don't have that luxury of time right now as 6 years of non-stop travel makes our photo collection HUGE and we are packing up to head to Asia for the winter).

Here are a few more door related posts:

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Do you like doors as you travel as much as we do?

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Melissa Read (readontheroad

Yes, I've always loved door and window details, and thought Europe was especially rich in unique door knobs & knockers. One town that has the biggest collection I've seen; you'll have to visit sometime is Lunenberg,Nova Scotia


winter? heh. Hot season is ALMOST here; however, my friends who live in Penang tell me its really shielded because of the cool breeze from the ocean though its still humid.

Jeanne @soultravelers3

I hear ya Melissa and glad to know I am not the only door lover! Europe does indeed have some amazing doors, windows, door knockers etc. ;)

I am looking forward to exploring Lunenberg,Nova Scotia some day!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Ha! Marlana, yes, we are indeed a bit late this year, but it is always summer in Penang ( and Feb is still winter in most of the world here).

I was surprised to find the weather in Penang so different than what friends were experiencing in Thailand. We were there last year from Nov to May and that included their rainy season and their hottest month, but we never used our air conditioning and even during the most rainy time ( our first month ) it was sunny every day with just a 15 minute to 30 minute rain shower, almost always around sunset or at night.

It is humid, but not nearly as bad as I expected for south east Asia. Our home is right on the sea, so the breezes and a ceiling fan kept us cool 24/7. The buses are air conditioned too as are the malls,kidlet's Mandarin school etc, so we actually need some warm clothes for those. ;)

I live most of my life there in shorts or bathing suit and sarong so it feels just right. ;)

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