Bedouins in Jordan

February 01, 2012

Bedouin mother and child

The majority of Jordan's population is of Bedouin origin and they are known there as the "Bedu" or literally the "desert dwellers". They are famous for their hospitality and that is obvious all over Jordan as it was one of the friendliest places we have visited on our world tour.

We got a closer look at this traditonal lifestyle when we stayed at a  Bedouin camp in Wadi Rum, but this photo was taken at a random tiny camp in an isolated desert area. Our daughter Mozart even dressed in traditional Bedouin clothing at Petra which made it fun for her and a precious souvenir.

This mother and young child fascinated me as they seemed perfectly comfortable in the middle of no where in this harsh desert enviroment. Perhaps traditonal nomads interest us because we are nomads of sorts and love the freedom of this world traveling lifestyle.

Our wonderful guide Saleh was a Bedouin nomad who lived his first eight years in that nomadic lifestyle and also has a degree in archaeology, so was the perfect person to add insightful information about the lifestyle, people and great changes in the last two decades. He has lovely memories of an early childhoood of freedom, but found it hard at first to adjust to city life.

We had such a wonderful time in Jordan and would love to go back some day. I am behind in the many stories about our travels there, but will be getting to more soon. Here are a few for those who want to know more:

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Have you been to Jordan or met other nomadic peoples?

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