Elephant Seals at Ano Nuevo - World School Field Trip

February 21, 2012

elephant seals at Ano Nuevo

Have you been face to face with an elephant seal? Field trips provide opportunity for direct study of the environment and are one of the most fun ways to learn while being out in nature. We are blessed that our world traveling lifestyle over the last 6 years makes our life one big world school field trip of this planet, but we took advantage of our time in California to focus on many science based field trips.

We've actually been to Ano Nuevo State Park many times over the years, but felt it was time to redo it as visiting it at five is quite different than visiting it at eleven. Our travel school method is to do repeat visits to places that we love. Ano Nuevo is fascinating and the world's largest mainland breeding site of elephant seals, an endangered species.

We had perfect weather, a wonderful tour guide and there were a ton of elephant seals to observe along with native plants and other animals. I will be writing more about this visit and other science field trips, but just thought I'd give you a peek of these cute babies!

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I visited the elephant seals near San Simeon and was just blown away by their size. It's incredible an animal that large could be so graceful in the water.

Jeanne @soultravelers3

They ARE huge, aren't they John? Even these babies were huge and the dads fighting is always quite the sight! ;)


They are so beautiful.
I am from Vietnam and i haven't seen them before.Thank you author for a useful post.

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