Italian Style

February 13, 2012

Italian style in Portofino makes me smile

It is hard not to love the European style and glamour of Italy, so we have returned many times on our family world tour to this great country where I once lived for a year as a young women. I think that year is when I fell in love with Europe and it's many charms.

When even the toilet signs are cute, you know you will enjoy eye candy where ever you look. Some of the world's richest folks park their yachts nearby in beautiful Portofino on the Italian Riviera, but even on our $23/a day budget, we got to enjoy this spot and funny sign.

We did it as a day trip when we were staying in gorgeous Cinque Terre. This was especially fun for me as it was a return visit as I often came here when I lived in Italy but had not returned in over 25 years. Mozart even got to sit in Fellini directors chair and of course we had to have some gelato!

Have you returned to a place you once loved? Did even the little things make you smile? Do you enjoy Italy and Italian touches?


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