Bhutan Family Fun and Festivals

March 08, 2012

Bhutan family fun and festivals

How does our traveling American girl look in a Bhutan ceremonial festival hat? We liked it! One of the fabulous sights in beautiful Bhutan are the amazing festivals. We didn't go in the season of the big festivals, but we will return someday to catch them.

What we did see of the festivals and the outfits worn in them made us know why people rave about them. The Buddhist culture in Bhutan affects everything and is an aspect that plays a big part in it's happiest place on earth reputation. The festivals are no exception and even the small ones are fascinating and touching. We learned a lot about Buddhism while there and I am grateful that Mozart gets so much first hand exposure to different religions and cultures on our world travels.

This was a small restuarant that we stopped in for lunch..out in the middle of no where. Mozart just had to try this hat on! Don't you love the hand painted wall designs?

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Wonderful pic. Is that at Chendipjee restaurant.
Happy smile.

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