Funny Travel Signs -Tropical Version

March 29, 2012

funny travel sign falling coconuts

When you travel as a lifestyle, you are going to see lots of funny signs. We ran into this cute sign on our Florida road trip in Key West at the beautiful B&B, Seascape Tropical Inn. Yes, there actually were tiny coconuts that fell from this tree, but quite a lovely sound as one sat in the nearby Jacuzzi.

Now I am eating yummy coconuts, tropical fruit, and resting in another Jacuzzi, in yet another tropical location, Penang, as kidlet studies her Mandarin here. I still have lots more to write about Florida including reviews of the wonderful places we stayed at like this, but we are still settling in here and hope to get faster internet soon.

I was dealing with travel health issues for some time, so will be doing a lot of catching up this year as we slow down a little to heal and immerse in Asia. We only have about 1% of our journey and photos on our website because it takes time to blog while traveling, so look ahead to lots of great stories we have yet to tell from around the world!


Funny sign in Italy

Funny sign in Scotland

Travel sign in Slovenia

Ireland Travel Sign

Funny travel sign in Spain

Funny Travel sign in Florida Everglades

What is your favorite funny travel sign?

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Tours of Argentina

very helpful tips and wonderful post with funny message but very healthy tips you have share with us. Thanks for sharing this tips.

Margaret Sch.

I guess that sign is only funny to those of us who have not been hit on the head by a falling coconut! I would say it IS true that signs are one of the first things we notice when we're far from home, since the unique aspects seem to just jump out -- whether it's a different language or a sign about something we would never find at home, like coconuts.

Also: I'm sure your many correspondents and followers will continue to love all your stories. Very cool that you have such a long list in your head of stories yet untold. Mozart will NEVER run out of interesting tales to tell for whatever purpose she may need them for, I would also say!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Funnily Margaret, I was actually a bit nervous about a big coconut falling on my head when I saw the sign. ;) Then I realized that they were little teeny weeny ones falling and there was actually a purpose to the sign...but more humor than warning.

I really do love the signs we see in so many languages and find them fascinating ...and sometimes wonder what they mean ( if I don't know the language) to day on the Malaysian peninsula as we drove along. We learned a new word in Malay...welcome! ;)

It is so true that Mozart and we will never run out of stories. ;) She is actually thinking about starting her own blog and Youtube channel soon..but might have to wait until she is out of her Mandarin school because of the time it takes up. ;)

Sunil Himalaya Hiker

Ya funny signs brings smile to the faces and sometime create awkward situation.
You collection is wonderful.
Thanks for sharing

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