Jordan Means Delicious Food

March 15, 2012

amazingly delicious food in jordan

Out of the many things on our recent family trip to Jordan that truly blew us away was the food. I'd heard the food was great in Jordan, but didn't expect every meal to be absolutely scrumptious and healthy. It is not unusual to have 30 or 40 dishes served at a meal, so many temptations to please the eye and tickle the palate.

As if Petra, Wadi Rum , the Dead Sea and the Four Seasons are not enough, one could go to Jordan just to experience the local food. This was  a mouth watering meal that we had while visiting the ancient city of Jerash. Food played a tremendous role on our visit to Jordan. We ate in high end restaurants, on the street, in homes and with Bedouins including a traditional dish cooked in the sand!

The primary style of eating in Jordan is done "mezze" style...small plates, sampler dishes, many appetizers, salads etc., typically rolled out before the savory main dishes. The sublime, fresh baked breads ( pita, shrak, abud) are meant to scoop and dip up the mouth-watering hummous, baba ghanouj and other dishes ( many healthy olive oil based and vegetarian).

Jordan shares a deeply rooted, community based food culture with her neighbors in the Middle East. Have you tried this tempting traditional cuisine or do you want to?

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I'm not familiar with Jordan's cuisine but I'm always amazed at how large and healthy Middle Eastern meals are. It really says a lot about the culture and how much importance they place on food and the time spent at a meal.

Jeanne @soultravelers3

So true @Chris, food says a lot about a culture. Good food, very welcoming hospitality are hallmarks of Jordanian culture.

Maria Storgaard

I haven't been, but am looking in to it. How are the food prices in Jordan? Is it included in your 23$/day budget or is some of the luxurious places sponsored.. It looks delicious!!:) What is your general safety when it comes to local food.. I often find myself wanting to taste food from street kitchens ect but have a very sensitive stomach, so is afraid to... But it looks so good:)

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