Kid-Friendly Travel Perks

March 18, 2012

kid-friendly travel perks like creativity

Are there benefits to family world travel? Are there educational perks above and beyond all that is learned though experiencing different cultures, places, languages, history and transportation? Does it increase creativity and adaptibility...two skills so needed in our coming world?

After 6 years of non-stop travel to 44 countries on 5 continents with a child who grew from 5 to 11 years old while traveling, our answer is a resounding, "YES"! Perhaps, even our minimalism world traveling lifestyle impacts as this photo demonstrates.

Best toys for travel? Maybe the ones they make on their own! Free time, nature, art and imaginative play are very important parts of childhood that we hold sacred and encourage, as you can see in Croatia, Barcelona, Portugal, Andalusia and every place we've been.

trilingual trio of tweens in Asia playing with tiny toys

Mozart likes to create her own worlds with her Lego and Playmobile toys, but she is also very artistic, so makes her own toys out of paper, colored pencils, scissors and tape or glue. Above, in lead photo,  she holds a few she made while we were in California, but she has made a ton of these kind of things around the world.

If she doesn't have something, she just makes her own. What better skill can one have?

She hums away while she works which makes me smile as she has always done this since toddlerhood and it still charms me. It pleases me to have an industrious, self-motivated, creative kiddo who needs so little to make her happy.

She just had a PJ party with two friends from her Mandarin school in Asia over spring break, who have never seen playmobiles and they were particularly impressed with her hand made items, like her dvd player with tiny pull out drawer.

Makes me wonder if she could sell them from an Esty store to the 7-12 tween market. What do you think?

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Margaret Sch.

Your idea sounds promising . . . but shipping costs could detract from the affordability if she was shipping overseas, I would think. Still, it's an idea worth pursuing if she is at all interested! I think packaging and "image" would be key to selling. (Upload videos people could watch of her making those and/or playing with them). Just an idea!

Jeanne @Soultravelers3

Good points, Margaret! I always enjoy what you have to say, thanks for joining in the conversation!

At this point it is just an idea, but we would have to consider the mailing cost issue for sure.

Perhaps, we could leave some stock in the USA where it is probably the biggest market?

Lynn Williams

It must be so nice to have a child that isn't constantly complaining that she is bored! This industrious attitude will take her far in life. I wonder if there is a way to search Etsy for toys and objects made by children for other children. That would be very nice.

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