Spring Fever = Flowers in Bloom

March 20, 2012


Do you have spring fever? We were recently in California and flowers were in bloom every where. Gorgeous trees like this, blue skies and yellow daffodils made my heart sing and want to take photos every where I go. ( Making my kid call me a tourist).

We were visiting Northern California in the cold winter rainy season from October until February and yet, there was no rain and almost all warm sun, so spring came early. It was one of the dryest winters on record and I swam every day.

BUT I hear, the rain finally came and it has been pretty steady for the last week and the mountains  are getting lots of powder snow for happy spring skiers...including my sister.

Has spring arrived where you are? Or are you getting a late snow storm?  My birthday is in March and I remember always being a little discouraged by a late snow because even a kid who loves snow at Christmas is ready for spring by March.

It is always summer where we are in tropical Asia which is another way to make my heart sing. Funny, how weather affects are mood, isn't it?

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I'm extremely grateful that spring has arrived. The flowers are blooming, and the birds are chirping. It's so nice to see the sun!

Megan Jones

In the Pacific Northwest we tend to get snow in January or maybe February, however this year at the end of March we had 3 days of snow and power outages! The snow waited until all the cherry tress started to bloom and the weight of the snow broke so many branches and killed trees. It was so sad.

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